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Biology · Session

PHOTOSYNTHESIS (From the Ground Up) (AP, GCSE, A Level)

102 minutes
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Targeted groups
High school students
GCSE or IGCSE Biology students
AS Level or A Level Biology students
AP biology students
College Biology 1st and 2nd year students

🌿 Explore the fascinating microscopic world of PHOTOSYNTHESIS with this one-off online session! Whether you’re navigating GCSE, A level, High school, or AP Biology, all students are welcomed to unravel the mysteries of this crucial process. Join me for an engaging session where you’ll have the opportunity to grasp the intricacies of photosynthesis, from its fundamental principles to advanced concepts.

🪴We will first focus on a generalised summary of the process, outlining the requirements and conditions needed for the reaction before heading into the microscopic realm within the chloroplast. Exploring photosystems, electron-transport-chains and the Calvin-cycle, we will understand how photosynthesis ultimately results in the storage of energy from the sun within the bonds of glucose molecules, ready to be transferred along the food chain.

🍃Whether you are revising for an upcoming test, learning about the process for the first time or simply want to update your memory on photosynthesis, join me for an interactive, fun session where you can ask any questions you want and have your doubts cleared!

Pearson International A level Biology- student book 2
Pearson Biology: a global approach (12th edition)
E. O. Wilson's Life on Earth- Unit 2

Tutor Qualifications

I've taken Biology for IGCSE, Sri Lanka O Levels and international A levels and managed to successfully achieved the highest grade in all these examinations. Furthermore, I scored a perfect 100% for 3 of my 6 A-level biology papers, including the paper consisting of advanced biochemical concepts behind photosynthesis.

Hosted By

Ravindu L


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