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🌲Eco-friendly Flowtime Technique Study Spaces🌲

Next session on Dec 1, 2024


Vivian P and 7 others

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Series Details


We wish to help everyone on SHW.

This series is created because we want to help as many students as we can. We enjoyed tutoring ourselves, and have experienced the hardships of focusing. Prior knowledge is not required for this session, but be sure to bring your homework, or tasks to let us help! This series is also based on the Flowtime Study Method, researched to be even effective than the Pomodoro Method, which allows your brain to have a longer rest than the Pomodoro method, storing more energy to focus and flow!

Once one of our tutors have free time, we will create a study space to help others! Keep your eyes out for any study space available!

✨Recommended & Frequent tutors:✨

✨Pranu: Major in AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, AP US Government and Politics, AP US History, AP Calculus AB, Python, Computer Science, Art, sculpturing, and has much experience in helping students.

✨Mengmeng: Tutors AP Statistics, Algebra 2, Precalculus, AP Calculus AB, Spanish up to AP level, Chemistry, Biology, Geoetry, Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, physics, some of ap physics 1 (unit 1), High school level physics, Chinese, SAT Math.

✨Jocelyn: Tutors Algebra 1, Geometry, Speech/Debate, Spanish 2, AP Language.

Tutor Qualifications

🎓Other Tutors🎓

🎓Vivian: Tutors SAT Reading, Science, Pre-algebra, spanish, chinese. (currently very busy)

🎓Kindness: Experienced study spaces host; tutors the SAT and AP Calc, Stats, Chem, and Phys. (currently very busy)


Just a study corner—feel free to join and leave at any time! You can even wait for the series to end without attending a single session, but is that what you registered for?!


August 28 - December 1


46 / 50

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About the Tutors

Hello guys! I am so excited to join I am a chinese homeschooled student at age 14. In my free time, I like to paint, study english and grammar, and play tennis. I want get a good score earlier than normal on the SAT to attend TCM and Law school, that's why I developed the "Study & Chill" mode to help me get better on the Digital SAT. I am not hosting anymore sessions recently, because I was too busy. But you could definately invite me to write the descriptions for you, I write good descriptions. :)

View Vivian P's Profile

Hey, I'm Pranu! I'm a senior from NC. In my free time, I like to draw and listen to music (much like those aesthetic artists you see on insta). I'm a really curious person and I enjoy learning everything and anything -- from evolution to Python to guitar to law to languages to astronomy to acrylic painting (E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.) -- to the point that if I write a list of everything I want to study and learn, I'll definitely go wayyy over the word limit so to do both me and you a favor I won't write them all. I came to Schoolhouse for SAT prep, but stayed here for the inclusive community and unlimited learning opportunities. I love to talk to new people and make friends so DM me about ANYTHING (whether it be Calc questions or art history) and I'll prolly help out as much as I can :))) P.S. As a SAT Math perfect scorer, I'm the most experienced in SAT Math section tutoring and would be happy to help anyone who needs help with it so feel free private chat me if you want me to create personalized tutoring session for you (according to your needs and learning preferences)!!!

View Paridhi S's Profile

Hi! Junior from MA here on SHW! I am eager to improve on the subjects I am currently learning. On hiatus until June 18th, 2024.

View Mengmeng Z's Profile

Hello Everyone, I'm here at the Schoolhouse to learn more about my standard subjects & prepare for PSAT, AP, SAT. I'm aspiring to learn more and achieve more. .     ˚ .★ (taylor’s version) ★ ˚          *.  . ˚ *. •★ .     ˚ .     ˚

View Aayushman D's Profile

Hi there! My name is Laeticia, and I'm a middle school student who loves math and science. Recently, I've been able to excel in my studies and even tackle some high school-level material in math. Now, I'm hoping to share my knowledge and help others learn as well by becoming a tutor in the pre-algebra subworld. I'm already a tutor in the enrichment subworld. If you need any help in the Korean language or pre-algebra, I'm here to help. I'm also available to co-host.

View Laeticia S's Profile

👋 Hi, fellow scholars! I am an 8th grader who enjoys STEM-related subjects, debate, and all types of music! 📚 Since 6th grade, I have received an A*s for all subjects along with a Directors Honor Roll every semester. This year, I've taken up the responsibility of being my school's debate team captain and placing top 0.8% of my county. I'm also preparing for the PSAT and SAT which I hope to take as a sophomore in high school. 🌐 At Schoolhouse, I am an English Subworld Newsletter Writer, SHW Tutor Community Agent, UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Chairperson, and intermediate peer reviewer. 🌟 100+ positive reviews and "super helpful"s! 🌿 I hope to grow stronger in my educational journey with you all and help others along the way! 📱 DM me on Schoolhouse or SHW's Slack @jocelyn if you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding classes (session requests are always open!) ✌️ INFJ / Virgo / NiFeTiSe

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Hi! I'm Kindness (aka Enci). As of summer 2024, I'm in the summer between my sophomore year and junior year of university, and I'm majoring in pure math (and just recently dropped out of computer science minor, but I do know some basic computer science). I graduated high school as part of the Class of 2023, and thanks to APs I skipped the freshman year of university. On Schoolhouse, I especially like to tutor in Enrichment as a study space host and advanced math tutor. I used to be quite active in tutoring the SAT, and I hope to return to doing that soon! In my free time (which I don't have much, lol), you can find me writing poems, playing the piano or violin, and scrapbooking.

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hi :) I'm a high school student from India

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