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Complete Digital SAT Prep - Math & R&W

Hafsah M

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This series ended on January 21, 2024. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

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Are you preparing for the Digital SAT? Are you looking for a complete guide to Digital SAT, for both the Math and Reading & Writing sections? Well, this is the series for you! Hey everyone! Welcome to the Complete Digital SAT Prep series! I'm Hafsah, a high school freshman from India, and I scored 1520 in the December Digital SAT. ABOUT THE DIGITAL SAT The SAT is shifting to a digital format for international students starting from March 2023, and for those in the US in Spring 2024. Apart from the digital format of the test, the Reading and Writing sections have been combined, and instead of having long passages with several questions from one passage, there'll be shorter passages, with one question from each passage. The curriculum for the Math section has also changed slightly. WHAT WE'LL DO IN THE SERIES In this series, we'll be going through all topics in both the sections of the SAT, practising problems (starting from a beginner level, slowly progressing to more advanced questions) and sharing test-taking tips with each other along the way. Sessions will be hosted on Sundays from 1:30 pm UTC to 2:30 pm UTC. I look forward to seeing you in the sessions!


It is highly recommended to join all sessions; however, if you are unable to join a session, please let the tutor know in advance. You will be withdrawn from the series for more than 2 unexcused absences.


July 23 - January 21


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Hey everyone! I am Hafsah, a high school sophomore from India, studying advanced courses well ahead of my age. I'm really passionate about anything related to maths, CS and science. In my free time, I love to read, ski, research on random topics that catch my interest, do some cooking and learn new languages. I've taken the Digital SAT, with a superscore of 1530 (750 R&W, 780 Math). I'm currently self-studying for AP Psychology, AP English Literature and Composition, AP World History, AP Environmental Science and AP Microeconomics. I'd be happy to help out with anything related to Math (from Pre-Algebra to Calculus), Science, Computer Science or SAT Prep. Excited to be a tutor here at schoolhouse, and I look forward to seeing you in my sessions!

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