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School and - Q&A on Study Tips and Education

Next session on Jun 3, 2023

Hosted by Tarun G

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Series Details


*New sessions added on request*

Welcome to School and, a Q&A on the art of learning I've been running for almost a year now! All you need is a Schoolhouse account. Sign Up for free:

This series began with study skills: Is notetaking useless? How should you study for exams? Can you ever truly focus on your work? Does listening to music while working help? And can you find time to do things that matter?

But it has evolved into an Ask (Almost) Anything on education, scholarships, graduate school applications, etc. I'm happy to answer questions on the art of crafting personal statements, and getting strong letters of recommendation.

Most sessions are short enough to fit into your daily schedule, but I'll ensure that each of you gets to ask at least one question, and clarify your concerns about studying.

So get your questions ready: Ask yourself what you want to ask! It's your questions that drive each session, so please participate either via the mic or chat box.

I'm super-excited to help you learn better inside or outside the classroom. See you in a session! :)


You can choose which sessions to attend! But please do leave me feedback after you attend a session! :)


February 13 - December 31


75 / 100

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About the Tutor

I'm a volunteer-tutor at I host (and co-host) Ask Me Anythings on the art of self-directed learning. That includes study tips, reading, research, college advice, and more. I believe these skills are foundational to learning anything, and I've been helping students take charge of their own learning. You'll find resources I mention in my sessions here:

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Session 63

Community Events

Placeholder session so the series doesn't end. I'm happy to add more sessions on request.

Hello! I'm happy to answer any questions y'all might have on learning and tutoring on, or on studying in general.

These sessions are intentionally short, to both fit well into the busy student schedule, as well as to help me offer concise and focused responses. See you in the session!

If you're new to Schoolhouse and want to learn more about me, visit my profile, and don't miss the Feedback tab:


Session 64

Tutor Learning Circles


End-of-2023 Q&A! Ask Me Anything about tutoring, studying, college, career, and more. I've tutored and co-tutored sessions and answered questions on everything from application essays, portfolios, choosing colleges, exam prep, focus, procrastination, reading and writing to philosophy, great books, Chrome extensions, Khan Academy,, and more! :)

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