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International Homeschoolers Hangout!

Next session on Jul 14, 2024

Liel S

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This series is full. Spots may open as learners withdraw–try checking back later!

Series Details


(Notice: This series might close down, or it will continue in July.)

Welcome to the den of homeschoolers all around the world! Join us as we lurk about in our parents' basements, lament to our stuffed toys about being cooped up in the house, and hiss aggressively at regular school-goers as they pass by. We might occasionally play some games, too...but unfortunately, our 'utter lack of social skills will keep us from making friends'. Oh no, what a shame. :/ Okay okay, I'll stop with the jokes now. :) Every week, we'll hang out, play group games, and discuss a different aspect of homeschooling based on how it works in our country/situation. We'll have games such as Draw Battle, Among Us, Gartic Phone, and more! In this series there will be no school-going kids allowed to join. (except for all the school-going kids that will be allowed to join)

Tutor Qualifications

(It's a club.)


no attendance policies. Just bring your emotional support stuffies. I'm sure they want to learn more about homeschooling, too.

(Why? I dunno. Don't ask me, ask them.)


May 14 - July 14


40 / 40

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About the Tutor

I'm a student from Malaysia who would like to help people learn efficiently. In my free time, I like to play the piano, talk with people, and complain about the inconsistencies in movies. What do you like to do?

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Session 8

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(Might or might not continue)

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