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Schoolhouse D&D Club #5

Next session on Jan 1, 2024

David Z

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This series is full. Spots may open as learners withdraw–try checking back later!

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Welcome, Adventurers, to a World of Magic and Monsters, Lasers and Robots. It's D&D, but with a Sci-fi Twist! So are you ready to roll the dice? Well then, grab your magic staff (or laser blaster) (or enchanted sword), and let's go! If you're too late to join and the session is full, or if you don't really like sci-fi D&D, please join the other D&D clubs! Schoolhouse D&D club #1 - Hosted by Liel S: Schoolhouse D&D club #2 - Hosted by Woody W: Schoolhouse D&D club #3 - Hosted by Rayyann A: Schoolhouse D&D club #4 - Hosted by Woody W and Charley Z: Note: Due to problems with time, scheduling, and school, all of the ongoing series might (and already have) suffer sudden DM changes, re-scheduling, and cancellation, thanks for understanding. And if you're new to D&D, that's completely fine, I'll explain some basic rules so you can start playing right away!


The registration spaces are few, so please tell me before-hand if you're going to miss a session, if you miss two sessions in a row without prior notice, I'll have to withdraw you from the series!


April 8 - January 1


12 / 12

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A Student / Tutor / Lifelong learner from China, currently going to school in Jakarta, Indonesia. (if you're a friend wondering where and why did I suddenly gone to.

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Session 19

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A placeholder session so the series won't end early

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