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Algebra 1

• Series

Algebra 1 Crash Course

Next session on Dec 10, 2022

Hosted by Aqib Nawaz S

Series Details


In this crash course, we'll go over different topics in Algebra 1 each week. We will work towards building our understanding and foundational knowledge/skills about Algebra 1 topics. These topics include solving equations and inequalities, functions, exponential functions, quadratics, etc. There will be a session every week starting November 26, once a week on Saturdays. There will be about 16 sessions, maybe more depending on how many catch-up sessions I have to organize. Catch-up sessions will be held for individuals who couldn't attend the original session. These sessions will only be held if requested. Another thing that is included in every session is why the topic is useful. What I prioritize is learners understanding the use of the topic, rather than just learning about something and not understanding the applications of whatever you're learning. Also, I recommend taking notes as the session progresses to make sure you're focused, and so that you have another resource you could use to study. There are no prerequisites in order to attend this series. Lastly, I will post slideshows in the series group chat as a reference for any information you might need relating to that topic.


You are welcome to skip the sessions where you feel that you're comfortable with the topic, however I advise not to miss many. This is because I will be providing lots of resources and information in the session that can further strengthen your abilities as mathematicians.


November 26 - December 10


13 / 15

Total Sessions


About the Tutor

Hello! My name is Aqib, and I enjoy playing organized sports, programming, and most of all having fun! I believe that despite what age you are, you're never too old or too young to share what you're passionate about with others. I will do my best to be an active member of the schoolhouse community, to ensure the best experience for not only myself, but also my peers.

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 4

Inequalities (systems & graphs)

If we haven't covered inequalities in the last session, we'll be sure to do so in the beginning of this one. Afterwards, we'll cover systems of inequalities and graphs. You'll learn how to graph inequalities and how to find the solution to a system of inequalities.

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