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Algebra 2 • Series

Algebra 2 Summer Series is here!

Next session on Jul 25, 2024

Joyneel B

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This series is full. Spots may open as learners withdraw–try checking back later!

This series is part of Schoolhouse Summer Camp. Explore Summer Camp

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Hi everyone! This is a summer series to go through the entire Algebra 2 unit so that you may have a nice head-start for your next academic year. I will also help learners clear any doubts related to Algebra (2). Feel free to join in 😁


This is a completely leisure summer series so don't feel bad on missing out on any session. However, I would ideally recommend that you attend every session.

If for any reason you aren't able to join a session of the series, just let me know in advance and I may be able to arrange a separate session for you, if required.

Note that we will be completing 1 unit per session. Also, after a session, I will be uploading the work done in the session onto a drive link that I’ll share with you so that you may have a look through it once again if needed ;)

Furthermore, just to test how confident you are with your learning during the session, there will be a small homework on the drive. Once completed, please send pictures over messages so that I can mark it and understand if you are confident with the topic. Otherwise, if you have any doubts please feel free to contact me and I can arrange a one-to-one meeting with you!


June 26 - August 22


15 / 15

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About the Tutor

Hi! I'm a high school student who just finished my GCSEs and am looking to obtain admissions in colleges in the future. As a result, I'm looking for any advice regarding college processes, and other preparation courses such as SAT. Additionally, I'm also here to help with others when it comes to school work or any other help they may need. My favorite subjects include math, physics, and chemistry. In my free time, I enjoy rockin' out to the electric guitar, playing sports like football and basketball, performing calisthenics and athletic sports, and I love F1!

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 7

Polynomial graphs

After learning a lot about polynomials and its roots/zeros, we will have a look at how polynomials behave on graphs, and how to plot or make sketches of them.

Session 8

Rational exponents and radicals

This session will primarily focus on recapping exponents along with exponential rules. Then, we will examine square roots and surds. Finally, using the properties discussed throughout, we will solve exponential equations.

Session 9

Exponential models

Following the previous session on exponents, this session will zoom into the changes that occur on a graph due to exponentiation.

Session 10


"Logarithms" form the unit that will complete our experience with exponents. Furthermore, we will explore rules that aid our experience with logarithmic functions.

Session 11

Other Topics

Since sequences are crucial for our understanding of simple daily-life patterns, the topic of this session will be sequences and series.

Session 12


This session will focus on solving all the different forms of equations that we have encountered so far.

Session 13


Trigonometry is essential for geometric purposes owing to its everyday life solutions. Join this session to explore the original developments of trigonometry while uncovering its hidden meaning...

Session 14

Transformations of functions

In this session, we will review the various types of functions that we've learned about, and then focus on basic transformations that can be applied to them.

Session 15


In this session, we will take a close look at how our learning throughout the series can be applied to real-life problems.

Session 16

General Algebra II Q&A

As always, everything must come to end. This meeting will be a very casual final session which will be a nice summary for all of you and to clear any doubts. With this session, I bid you all good luck for your future, and do not hesitate to reach out to me for any further queries! 😁

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