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Reading and Writing • Series

✍ SHW Short Story Writing Competition ✍

Next session on Jul 26, 2024


Liya D and 5 others

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This series is part of Schoolhouse Summer Camp. Explore Summer Camp

Series Details


Welcome to the SHW Writing Competition. Me and a few other tutors hosted a similar series last summer, and after seeing how much fun that was, I’ve decided to keep it going! So, this summer, we’re back with another Writing Competition, with a few tweaks and changes. If you were a part of the competition last year, welcome back! I’m excited to see the stories you all come up with! This series is pretty self-explanatory, but basically, in this competition, all participants will write a short story regarding any topic and submit it using a Google Form. Yep, that's simple. There are, however, some rules to help keep things in check which we'll discuss in the orientation session.

*Thank you so much for all the judge applications! We now have enough for this series!*


There are only two sessions in this series, the orientation session and the awards ceremony. Both are pretty important so I hope you're able to attend. If not, feel free to message me with a time better fit for you.


July 10 - July 26


24 / 30

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About the Tutors

"There are no elevators to success, you have to take the stairs." -By the ✨Internet✨ Hey there! My name is Liya and I'm a middle school student from Maryland who likes to paint, write (Working on a novel!!), read (Currently reading Show Me A Sign), and bake (I need more tips on how to make pastry cream, last time . . . it was a mess) in my free time. I'm a member of the Schoolhouse Scholars Guild and the Welcoming Team. I am a student leader at my school district (Working with SMOB) and a major Potterhead ⚡ Super excited to be a part of Schoolhouse!

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Hello! I’m a rising high school senior here to improve in whatever is needed, and learn whatever I can! In my free time, I enjoy reading books, drawing, making ceramics, cooking, and tutoring people here at Schoolhouse and at my school in various subjects. Please feel free to reach out for any help! :)

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I'm a homeschooler who loves math, reading, writing, coding, chess (and Antichess, DM on SHW Slack to challenge!), running Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, and much more! Have a wonderful day/night :)

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... I love Dr house.

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I’m a junior from Florida, mainly tutoring in Chemistry and SAT prep. I hope to help others achieve their target scores on standardized tests and to develop a love for the process of learning. I'm also happy to offer sessions for learners in other classes I've taken, including economics and psychology. I like reading, writing, art and am very passionate about the sciences.

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Hello! I'm a high school student. I enjoy reading fantasy and really any genre of books in my free time. I like looking at paintings and ancient scriptures, sayings and art. STEM subjects are my area of focus, both for learning and teaching. ˚⊱🪷⊰˚

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Session 2

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Welcome to the final session of the SHW Writing Competition! Today, we will be announcing the winners of the tournament. Those who place in the competition will receive a certificate, with first place earning Gold, second place receiving Silver, and third place awarded Bronze. Additionally, all competitors who attended the sessions will be given a Perfect Attendance certificate. We encourage everyone to attend this session!

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