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Algebra 2 • Series

Intro to Algebra 2 and Precalculus

Piyush M

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This series ended on June 21, 2024. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


In this series, we will cover topics from Algebra II and Precalculus in preparation for the upcoming school year. Topics will range widely, from polynomials to vectors and matrices. This series will cover the fundamentals for all units of Algebra II and Precalculus, and may be used in preparation for either of these courses.


Be attentive in the sessions and review some of the topics prior to the sessions if possible. Please let me know if you will not be able to make it to the session beforehand.


June 10 - June 21


21 / 30

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About the Tutor

I'm a rising high school junior from Texas in the United States. I'm here to share my knowledge and experience in math, which is one of my passions. Currently, I'm going into Differential Equations and preparing for various math and computer science competitions like the AMCs and AIME. Aside from those, I do Science Olympiad, Science Fair, Debate, FTC Robotics, and DECA. I also coach middle schoolers in competitive mental math outside of Schoolhouse. I believe that high-quality education should be free and equal for everyone, which is why I'm a tutor on Schoolhouse :) Of course, there is still a lot that I don't know, and I'm here to hopefully learn a bit as well. I want to help everyone feel confident in their subjects, be it math, physics, biology, or the SAT - if you have any questions or doubts, or need any support in these topics, I am always happy to help you out!

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