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Around the World in less than 80 Minutes(9:30 AM UTC) :)

Next session on Aug 14, 2022

Hosted by Simran R

This series is part of Schoolhouse Summer Camp. Explore Summer Camp

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One of SHW's greatest assets is our community's diversity, with thousands of active members having their own unique backgrounds, identities, and stories. Through this series, we'll educate each other on our own backgrounds by shining a spotlight on these stories and work together to define and analyze the importance of not just having, but effectively living, in an increasingly diverse society. Each session will explore a different facet of what makes each of us who we are — from the foods we consume to the music we listen to — through group activities, mini-show-and-tells, discussions (and maybe some debates), and a ton of storytelling. Expect to be actively involved, either in the chat or preferably with your microphone. Check out some of the sessions below, to get an idea of the structure!
More sessions and topics will be added based on learner interests and suggestions!
This series will be running parallel to those run by these awesome SHW tutors @Iqra A and @Ishita P. Check out their series below to find one that best suits your schedule! (Time zone converter for reference:
See you all there!


Attending every session is not mandatory, but would be appreciated! Please do not try to miss more than two sessions!


July 9 - August 14


18 / 40

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About the Tutor

Hello everyone👋. I am a high school senior from India. It's always awesome to tutor students around the globe, so I'm here on SHW to share my knowledge and help curious learners to learn and explore more with me. I also believe that- we learn more when we teach and we should have the zeal to learn. And there I go. Please do join my sessions if you find them fruitful. Hope to see you around!

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 5


We've spent the past month sharing different aspects of what makes each of us who we are, all culminating in the broader concept of culture. But what even is culture, and why does everyone want to use that word to describe everything these days? This week, we'll work together to create a (better) definition of culture as it pertains to us and begin to analyze what we consider our own cultures. We'll consider which elements of culture are the most important to each of us and why. We'll also define multiculturalism and analyze its advantages and disadvantages, and how this ties into an increasing global awareness of cultural appropriation.

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