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Algebra 1 • Series

Algebra 1: Learn It All

Raphael M

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This series was cancelled by the tutor on April 28, 2024. We're very sorry–you can explore more Algebra 1 series here. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


This series will cover all units of Khan Academy's Algebra 1 curriculum through the course of around 3 months. In addition, we'll go through different ways to approach a problem as we promote you to find your own way of problem solving.

To strengthen your learning, warm-ups, lots of practice, and do-it-yourself problems will be provided. Support inside and outside of learning sessions will be provided, and we encourage you to ask any questions you may have to further grasp learned concepts even more.

We hope that you can join us on this journey to master Algebra 1 concepts. Thank you.


If unable to attend, please excuse your absence for a valid reason.

If you have two unexcused absences, you will be dropped from the series. Please cooperate as much as possible.


April 14 - April 23


4 / 40

Total Sessions


About the Tutor

I'm a middle school student in California who is currently taking Geometry. I find the world of computer science and math fascinating and love the process of finding the answer to my questions. I hope to grow more in fields of STEM and help other struggling kids grow as well.

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Past Sessions


Session 1

Algebra foundations

We will cover some basic algebra foundations, as well as methods for tackling these problems.

Session 2

Solving equations & inequalities

We'll go over what equations and inequalities are, and methods for solving them.

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