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get the hang of the DSAT ( MATH )

Next session on Apr 19, 2024

Alaa A

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Series Details


was a 530 scorer and now a SAT tutor???

hey everyone!! super excited to start this series with you guys!! I hope to be of great help to every single one of you. 💗💗

we'll try to cover every topic on the DSAT on this series.
we'll go over the following :
Problem Solving and Data Analysis
Advanced Math
Geometry and Trigonometry
(all sub-topics included hopefully)
(all levels gradually)
(each topic will need a different amount of days depending on how heavy it is and your previous knowledge about it!!)

we will be reviewing and assessing ourselves to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses for us to further work on them together throughout this series.

The SAT wouldn't be so hard if you knew how to walk through its prep journey!

please do participate in this series as much as you can!!

let's have some fun and study lots! 😆💗


please do not miss sessions and tell me if the timing is difficult,

it's okay to miss sessions if you really need to.

you do have to inform me tho so I could count you as an active participant in my series!!

if you fail to join 3 sessions in a row without talking to me about it I'll sadly have to remove you from the series!!


March 26 - April 19


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Hey! I am Alaa, a 2023 class highschool graduate, currently in my gap year. I was such a good tutor in school, so I thought it would be great to help others from all around the world and get some fun hours in!! 💗 Let's have some fun, study lots, and be respectful to eo!! 💗💗

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SAT Math

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