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Digital SAT Complete Advanced Review Course

Next session on Apr 23, 2024

Isha B and Ria D

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Series Details


This course is designed for high-achieving students aiming to push their SAT scores to the next level. We'll be focusing on the toughest official SAT questions from the CollegeBoard's difficult level category.

In this series, we dive deep into the challenges presented by both the Math and English sections of the SAT. Ria will be hosting the Reading & Writing portion, and Isha will be hosting the Math portion. We will guide you through advanced strategies, shortcuts, and comprehensive approaches tailored to those scoring 750 or above. Everyone is welcome, but please keep in mind that we'll be moving at an accelerated pace.

Whether you're aiming to boost your score for college admissions or seeking a competitive edge for scholarship opportunities, this series will provide the advanced practice necessary to help achieve your goals.


The first session will help us determine how to tailor the series to best fit learner needs. If you can't attend the first session, please reach out to the tutors.

For the remaining sessions, it's completely fine if you decide to only attend the Reading & Writing sessions, only the Math sessions, or both, based on your needs. You can determine which sessions will best support you by attending the first session in this series and taking the practice test to identify your strengths and weaknesses.


March 26 - April 25


242 / 300

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About the Tutors

Hi! I'm a junior in high school. I am certified to teach math topics ranging from pre-algebra to pre-calculus, and the SAT. Please feel free to reach out if you need help in the aforementioned areas!

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I'm a high school senior from Arizona, and I am so happy to be here! So far, I have passed 14 AP exams (US Gov, CSP, Lang, Euro, Calc AB, Comp Gov, Biology, Chemistry, Physics 1, Lit, French, Statistics, US History, Seminar). If you have any questions on any of the aforementioned APs, or on the SAT/ACT, please feel free to reach out!:)

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 9

SAT Reading & Writing

This session will be 75 minutes.

In this session, we will review hard level questions in the following categories:

  • Boundaries
  • Form, Structure, and Sense

Session 10

SAT Math

This session will be 75 minutes.

In this session, we will review hard level questions in the following categories:

  • Area and volume
  • Lines, angles, and triangles
  • Right triangles and trigonometry
  • Circles

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