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Chess Class to the Next Level

Next session on Jun 29, 2024

Tanmay D

Series Details


Public Discussion

Series Details


We will review openings,middle game and endgame theory along with tactics and puzzles following up with advance game analysis and a chess tournament at the end of class.

Tutor Qualifications

I have played chess for 6 years and have a peak rating of 1280 in uscf chess and have 32 trophies in total including 2 big cash prizes


Please don't miss more than 2 sessions or I am required to kick you out of the series


June 16 - July 6


20 / 75

Total Sessions


About the Tutor

I am Tanmay and I am from NOVA. I am here to learn and teach Pre Algebra and a little bit of Algebra 1.In my free time I like to play chess and play outside of school.

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 5


This will be the very last class and I will be giving each of you a rating to start off with based on your efforts and participation during this class and I will give some final words or advice for future chess games at the end

Session 6


We will talk about what to think about during the middle game and how you are going to progress to the endgame and we will review tactics and puzzles and finish with a chess game we call hand and brain chess.

Public Discussion

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