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PSSA's (state testing) study group

Jason W

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This series was cancelled by the tutor on March 19, 2024. We're very sorry–you can explore more Enrichment series here. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


i will be helping learners and tutors who are taking state required testing ( PSSA's and the CAASSP's..... ETC) are state requirements to graduate from high school and for school's in the state of Pennsylvania also have the KEYSTONE's test for high school students which is a REQUIREMENT to graduate

so I will be hosting a study group to assist in your preparations for the test's both learners and tutors are welcome to attend and hopefully all who attend will pass

please do not bring a phone or headphones/airbuds

Please bring one device (device you will be joining the session from
a calculator
a pencil/pen
and a notebook

Tutor Qualifications

I am a person who has been tutoring in this for others for the past 2 years


You will be withdrawn from the series if you have more than 2 unexcused absences in a row. Please message the tutor in advance for any absences!


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Hi, my name is Jason! I am a tutor here at Schoolhouse. I am also a high school freshman obsessed with poems, writing, reading, singing, walking/running, drawing, singing, dancing, hiking, and animals. I know your parents don't want you to fail in life and neither do I nor any other tutor here at Schoolhouse. We always want you to be successful in life we want to make sure you have the chance to achieve your dreams. Although many tutors here are in high school we also know a lot about life. We know how to help with almost anything that you may be facing. Some of us can help with emotional support in sessions and even in DM's and we want nothing more then you to be okay in every way possible. And my favorite tutoring friends are Kennedy M and Brooke M they are so amazing and 2 of my learners that have become tutors themselves

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