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Algebra 2 • Series

Algebra II w/ Trigonometry Crash Course

Elijah H and Ray D

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This series was cancelled by the tutor on March 9, 2024. We're very sorry–you can explore more Algebra 2 series here. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


Meeting Times
  • We will meet Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 6:30 to 8:30 CST.
  • Times can be modified and adjusted to suit learners needs.

Course Content & Prerequisites
This course will be broken into two semesters, and cover 14 chapters of content.

Semester 1
  • Chapter 1: Solving Equations & Inequalities
  • Chapter 2: Linear Relations & Functions
  • Chapter 3: Systems of Equations & Inequalities
  • Chapter 4: Matrices
  • Chapter 5: Polynomials
  • Chapter 6: Quadratic Functions & Inequalities
  • Chapter 7: Polynomial Functions
Semester 2
  • Chapter 8: Conic Sections
  • Chapter 9: Rational Expressions & Equations
  • Chapter 10: Exponential & Logarithmic Relations
  • Chapter 11: Sequences & Series
  • Chapter 12: Probability & Statistics
  • Chapter 13: Trigonometric Functions
  • Chapter 14: Trigonometric Graphs & Identities

It is suggested that students successfully complete both Algebra I & Geometry - however students may come in at any skill level as long as they have a decent understanding of the basics of algebra.

  • This course will have a very fast pace. Each chapter will be covered in 1-2 sessions, and the chapter test will be taken the same day.
  • It is important to be able to keep a consistent focus and ask questions when you need help and to keep up with what we are doing.

Grading & Assessment
You will receive a course grade for each semester based on a weighted average system. Each category of assignments will be worth a different amount. Grades are also given on a 10-point scale (90.00% = A, 80.00% = B).
  • Weekly Notes: 10%
  • Chapter Tests: 40%
  • Essay Assignments: 20%
  • Midterm/Final Exam: 30%

  • You will have a 20 question multiple-choice test at the end of every chapter.
  • At the end of every semester, you will have a 45-70 question test covering all the content up to that point.
  • Alongside your semester/final exam, you will have an essay test that requires you to extend your knowledge and explain your work.


Please try not to miss sessions! We will not have time to go back and cover old content until the semester review days. If you do miss a session, please schedule a makeup session so we can help you makeup content you missed.


March 5 - March 6


5 / 10

Total Sessions


About the Tutors

Hi, I'm Elijah! :) I'm really confident in math and I love explaining & teaching it to others. Let's get you an 100 on your next test. :))))

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I'm a student in the US.

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