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Neuroscience 101!!

Next session on Feb 29, 2024

Anika M

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Series Details


Hi everyone!! I just created a Neuroscience 101 session. This will be really useful if you intend on participating in the IBB (International Brain Bee), or overall just a really fun and informative series on the basics of neuroscience. Anyone who's interested/passionate in the subject should join, I hope to create a fun environment for those who love the brain 🧠. We will be learning content, looking into interesting studies, and having friendly competitions(like kahoot).
An example of some of the topics we will be going over:
- The Basics of the Brain
- Sensory & Perception
- Movement
- Learning, Memory & Emotions
- Thinking, Planning & Language
- Brain Development,
And more!

Can't wait to meet you all :) 💗🥼🔬🧠

Tutor Qualifications

I am currently developing a mathematical model of cortisol and its effects on the frontal lobe independently. I have taken numerous courses on coursera on neuroscience, and have read both Brain Facts and Neuroscience:The Science of the Brain thoroughly. I am enrolled in the Engima-U neuroscience course, and am almost finished. I also took the AP Psychology class and test last year, and I got a 5 on the AP test. I have participated in a mentorship with a local professors' lab in computational neuroscience/neuroscience. Overall, it is a subject I am very interested in!


Please do not miss more than two sessions in a row- it might be confusing to jump back in! However, if you do miss a session, please contact me (the tutor) through schoolhouse so I can let you know what we went over and what reading you should do.


February 16 - February 29


18 / 30

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About the Tutor

I'm a hs student looking to learn + share knowledge :))

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 2


For our second class we'll be going over sensory and perception:
- Signal Transduction
- Vision 👀
- Hearing 👂
- Taste & Smell 👅
- Touch and Pain 👉

(I recommend when taking notes to have color pencils 🎨🎨 so you can draw diagrams- these will be really helpful when trying to learn, understand, and memorize this information.)

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