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Reading and Writing • Series

Basic principles of essays

Jason W

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This series was cancelled by the tutor on February 14, 2024. We're very sorry–you can explore more Reading and Writing series here. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


welcome I'm proud to announce that I am hosting a study group 2 days a week for the next 3 months till the end of April
i might have a co-host but I am unsure as this is after school

what to bring

expetations of learners who attend

camrea and mic on at all times
no distractions
no messing around

If you miss 3 days in a row that are not excused by me and if you will miss a session let me know before

i will be able to withdraw you from this series if needed I will review the things from last session

i will accept new students as I see fit

If I have a co-host I will still be the primary tutor in the session

the co-host is there to answer questions as well
the co-host will be a new tutor and will be observing the series to learn how to tutor in this subworld

please by mindful of the other learners in this series and follow all site rules in session as all sessions are recorded

and I will see you soon have a great day
this session starts on February 10th at 3:00pm Est time zone
see you soon


You will be with drawn from this series if you miss any sessions without giving the tutor a prior notice


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About the Tutor

Hi, my name is Jason! I am a high school freshman who is extremely caring and dedicated to my learners here. I am a tutor in the history, R&W, enrichment subworlds. I am also a former (maybe I don't know yet) tutor for UPchieve who was a tutor there since December 14th 2023. I know what it's like to have trouble understanding a concept in a class I am having trouble in math class so I want to help you understand the concepts in history and english classes. Don't be afraid to DM me at any time I will surely reply in 24 ⌛hours. I follow through when I say I'll do something. Here is a song lyric I like "When the sun shines we shine together, say I'll always be your friend ima stick out to the end"

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