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Schoolhouse MUN 2024 - UNGA Committee

Zuzu B and Adrika M

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Public Discussion

This series ended on January 14, 2024. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


Hey everyone! We’re excited to welcome you to the committee sessions for the UNGA committee of the Schoolhouse Model United Nations 2024!

Schoolhouse MUN is an online Model United Nations event organised by a team of volunteers in which delegates will get the chance to represent different countries in 6 different committees of the United Nations to gain exposure to how the UN works, enhancing their knowledge on current world issues and improving their public speaking, collaboration and leadership skills.

The UNGA committee will be chaired by Adrika and Zuzu!
The agenda for our committee is "Discussing causes and solutions to animal extinction!"
If you haven’t already, register for the main event’s series here:

Please note that you need to join at least three committee sessions to receive a certificate of participation.

If you’re unsure of your committee allocation, please take a look at the event coda doc.

If you’d like to join as an audience member, we’d love to have you there!

We look forward to seeing you at the committee sessions!


If you are a delegate, please note that you need to join at least three committee sessions to receive a certificate of participation. If you are a spectator, we’d love to have you join as many sessions as you can!


January 13 - January 14


21 / 50

Total Sessions


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Hello! I’m a high school student from Massachusetts and I love teaching others. I have taken the SAT once before and I have experience with the format and questions. I would also like to learn more about tips for the R&W part of the SAT. In my free time I enjoy reading, I sing many genres of music, including Indian classical music along with other Bollywood songs, and American Pop songs. I also love watching tv shows/movies, and my favorite Bollywood movie is 3 Idiots. Feel free to text me in Bangla or English!

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Upcoming Sessions


Past Sessions


Session 1

Community Events

In Committee session 1, we’ll be started with your General Speakers List (GSL) speeches. This is your country policy speech and it is highly recommended that you prepare this beforehand. Delegates can also start this time to discuss moderated caucus topics for the future committee sessions. If time permits, we will start with Moderated Caucuses as well.

Session 2

Community Events

In Committee Session 2, we’ll continue/start with moderated caucus speeches. We would look favourably upon 1 unmoderated caucus as well.
Even if you don't have any MUN experience, don't worry, we'll be giving you resources and guiding you along the way.

Session 3

Community Events

In Committee Session 3, we’ll continue with debate through moderated and unmoderated caucuses. It is also recommended that delegates start the formation of blocs.

Session 4

Community Events

In Committee Session 4, delegates will start working on Working papers (precursors to draft resolutions that contain a bloc’s proposed solutions) and have 1-2 moderated caucuses.

Session 5

Community Events

In committee session 5, delegates will present their working papers and have a question and answer session with other delegates. If required, blocs might merge. Work on draft resolutions will commence.

Session 6

Community Events

In Committee Session 6, we will be doing draft resolution presentations and then proceed to voting. This will be the last committee session.

Public Discussion

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