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Reading and Writing • Series

SHW Reading Contest

Next session on May 4, 2024


Prakruti S and 4 others

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Series Details


This is a fun, friendly series with competition. Many of us here at SHW love to read, so we put book lovers in a close battle to see who can read the most books! The contest takes place over a three-month period in which you will set goals for your reading, explore new books, and meet new authors, all while facing a fun competition against other learners, tutors, and friends here at SHW. In addition to the competition, we will have sessions covering the lives of different authors, analyzing their writing styles, and learning more about them. Each session is also seen to get more book recommendations and check in on your progress.

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Tutor Qualifications

I've held many read-aloud sessions for younger kids in my neighborhood and want to share my passion for reading with everyone here at SHW. My goal for this series is to get learners and tutors to read more and expose themselves to different genres.


Please try to make it to the first and the last sessions and attend at least one session each month.


January 6 - May 25


20 / 30

Total Sessions


About the Tutors

Hi! I'm Prakruti, an eighth-grader in the Bay Area! Let's see if we have common interests! ☄️ I love astronomy, and it's been my goal for a long time to become an engineer at NASA once I graduate! 🧮 I love math. It's one of my favorite subjects at school! I love math because it's based on logic and reasoning! ⛺ I love camping in my free time! It's comforting to me to escape into the middle of nowhere inside a cozy tent! 👩‍🏫 Tutoring. I currently tutor speech and debate, and I've worked with multiple local organizations in my community. I've also worked with other topics such as astronomy and English. 📱 DM me on Schoolhouse or SHW's Slack @prakruti s if you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding classes (session requests are always open!) or want to get to know me better :D.

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I’m a high school Junior from New Jersey here to improve in AP Chem, get advice/help from people who've already taken AP World, AP Lang (considering I'm self-studying), and prepare for the SAT. In my free time, I enjoy reading books of any sort, drawing at ungodly hours, learning new things, cooking, and tutoring people in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Biology, and History here at Schoolhouse as well as tutoring people at my school with all of the classes I've taken already or am currently taking. Please feel free to reach out for any help! :)

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Hello! I'm Joe, a high school senior who's homeschooled and has a strong passion for science, technology, engineering, and math. I currently reside in Oregon, USA. I'm glad to be a part of this wonderful community! I'm here to learn what I don't know and teach what I do know! I can tutor in any math topic ranging from pre-algebra to derivatives in calculus, with a particular enthusiasm for geometry and trigonometry. I have also received a score of 790 on the Math section of the SAT, so I'm equipped to help you with SAT Math prep as well. In addition to being a tutor here at Schoolhouse, I am a Reading & Writing Subworld Tutor Coach, an SAT Bootcamp Guide, and a member of the Welcoming Team. For fun I enjoy computer programming, studying physics, observing the planets with my refractor telescope, playing pickleball, and hiking the scenic trails of Oregon.

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👋 Hi, fellow scholars! I am an 8th grader who enjoys STEM-related subjects, debate, and all types of music! 📚 Since 6th grade, I have received an A*s for all subjects along with a Directors Honor Roll every semester. This year, I've taken up the responsibility of being my school's debate team captain and placing top 0.8% of my county. I'm also preparing for the PSAT and SAT which I hope to take as a sophomore in high school. 🌐 At Schoolhouse, I am an English Subworld Newsletter Writer, SHW Tutor Community Agent, UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Chairperson, and intermediate peer reviewer. 🌟 100+ positive reviews and "super helpful"s! 🌿 I hope to grow stronger in my educational journey with you all and help others along the way! 📱 DM me on Schoolhouse or SHW's Slack @jocelyn if you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding classes (session requests are always open!) ✌️ INFJ / Virgo / NiFeTiSe

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Hi! I'm a high school student who loves listening to music, reading, baking, and crocheting. I'm currently taking a variety of AP classes so if you want to review any topics, I'm happy to host a session to study together!

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Session 3



Session 4

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Past Sessions


Session 1


This is an introduction. In our reading contest, in this session, you will receive resources you'll be using throughout the competition; further information will be put there. This competition will start on January 5 and end on April 5. More sessions will be added periodically!

Session 2

Community Events

Learn about new authors and have a short session with games and an activity!

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