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Free SAT® Prep, as part of a research study.
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The SAT Bootcamp program is a research study, conducted by and College Board to research the effectiveness of peer tutoring for SAT preparation. As this is a research study, we require your consent in order for your child to participate. Learn more about SAT Bootcamps

As part of this study, your child will be asked to complete SAT practice tests and attend peer tutoring sessions. They will also be asked to complete surveys, short exercises, and participate in focus groups about their feelings towards the SAT tutoring. Participation is voluntary, and your child can stop at any time. In this study, your child will not be evaluated on their responses to any of the study tasks. Their responses will be confidential and the information they provide will be combined with the response of others in summary reports that do not identify them as an individual.

Please fill out the following information to consent to your child's participation in an upcoming SAT Bootcamp. We'll send them an email invitation to complete the process and register for a bootcamp.

Your first name*
Your last name*
Your email address*
Confirm your email address*
Child's first name*
Child's last name*
Child's email address*
Confirm child's email address*
Please double-check that your child's email address is correct. Entering an incorrect email address will make it extremely difficult for your child to participate.
I consent to my child's participation in the program as a learner.*
My child is available to attend two 75-minute SAT tutoring sessions each week for four weeks leading up to the SAT date of their choice.*
I acknowledge that my email and some of my child's data on Schoolhouse (e.g., name, email, practice SAT results, tutoring session attendance), will be shared with the College Board for the purposes of the research study and to measure the efficacy of the tutoring as a whole.*
By having your child participate in the SAT Bootcamp, you acknowledge that in addition to the Zoom sessions being recorded for quality and safety purposes, these recordings may also be used for educational research purposes.*

As part of our research, the audio, transcript, and chat data will be saved for up to three years, and may be shared with College Board, Stanford University and other researchers. The purpose is to study the effectiveness of tutoring techniques and the impact of peer tutoring as a whole. The study will be conducted so as not to identify learners, students or their parents other than by individuals of College Board, Stanford or Schoolhouse that have legitimate interests in the information.

If research results are made public, no personally identifiable information will be released without the user's (or their parent's) explicit permission. Aggregate or anonymized data may be shared through research publications or other presentations. If there are any questions, deletion requests, or concerns regarding this, please refer to this FAQ. peer tutoring, for free.


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