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Free SAT® Prep, as part of a research study.
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Get free SAT tutoring and free SAT prep classes online at, a free peer tutoring platform founded by Sal Khan of Khan Academy. Explore virtual, small-group SAT tutoring sessions to practice SAT prep questions–including math SAT practice test questions and SAT reading practice questions. Want to give back and provide free SAT tutoring to learners like you? Become a volunteer tutor and we’ll help you learn how to become an SAT tutor on Schoolhouse!


SAT® Bootcamps

Join a 4-week bootcamp with a structured curriculum designed to prepare you for your next SAT—as part of a research study on the impact of a no-cost, online SAT® tutoring program.

score range · 600 - 690

Math for the June 2024 SAT

    Mondays 9:45 PM, Saturdays 5:30 PM
Hi, I am so excited to help you conquer the SAT!

Abdarrahman A


Community-led SAT® Prep Series


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Join a series to learn, practice, and study SAT® Prep regularly with other learners like you.

Complete SAT CHALLENGING Math Overview - From a perfect scorer!

44 Questions + 70 Minutes = SAT Math Section. The SAT math section can be very challenging, but through this two-session series, we will work through the most challenging problems you will see on the test.

My name is Mason, and I got a perfect 800 on my SAT Math section. I studied by taking as many practice tests as I could, but I wish someone was there to go over what I got wrong on those practice tests with me! In my sessions, I hope to create a fun, welcoming environment for all learners so that we can all grow together! Through practice problems, tips, tricks, and skill building, we as a team can conquer the SAT math section together!

NOTE: This series is recommended for people who previously scored over a 600, but it is open to everyone!

Mason C


DSAT Reading Central Ideas and Inferences

We will walk through how to tackle specific types of questions within the "Information and Ideas" domain of SAT reading. These questions include finding the main idea, making inferences, choosing the right evidence, etc.

Dickson T

6 spots left!

The Comprehensive dSAT Guide! (Prep for June 1)

Stressed about the June SAT? Worried you won't achieve the score you want? Don't fear! Throughout the next 6 weekends, we will cover EVERY topic tested on the dSAT, including both the Reading & Writing and Math sections. In each session, we will cover a subtopic within either of these topics, such as Information & Ideas or Geometry & Trigonometry. For the final sessions, I will take a poll of what learners want to cover further and go deeper into those topics. In addition, I will share my best tips for taking the dSAT and help you maximize your score on test day!

Kaila H


Community-led SAT® Prep Sessions


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Register for a session to review specific SAT® Prep topics with a small group of learners.

SAT® Prep · session

SAT Math Review

Going over practice problems on the SAT Math portion

Isabelle C

Registration full.

SAT® Prep · session

(ADVANCED) Linear Relationship Word Problems - DSAT Math

We'll practice solving linear relationship word problems found on khan academy at an ADVANCED level.

Navnit V


SAT® Prep · session

In-depth Review of Craft & Structure on the DSAT

In this session, we will explore "Craft & Structure," which is 1 of the 4 topics found on the ELA modules. Together, we will tackle a mix of easy and medium questions which are taken from the question bank, practice tests, and khan academy.

Navnit V


SAT® Prep · session

Learn to do SAT Math LIGHTNING FAST with a few simple tricks

This is only one session, but these time-saving tricks should significantly boost your SAT score and help you in Algebra classes at school. After this session, you should almost always have extra time to solve the questions and check your work. Study Smarter Not Harder.

I will show a bunch of strategies that I used on the SAT to finish the math section in less than half of the allotted time. This session will go over:
- Strategies for solving systems of equations
- Strategies for solving for the roots of quadratics
- Miscellaneous shortcuts for specific types of problems

Let me know in the welcome question if there's any problems that take a long time for you to solve. I'll see if I know any shortcuts for those.

On practice tests, I was able to use these strategies to complete the no-calculator section of the SAT mentally (no writing on paper at all), and get a perfect score. I also got a perfect score on the math section of the August 2023 SAT.


Rivka L


SAT® Prep · session

Writing Section: Grammar Tips and Tricks

We will go over some simple tips for how to nail the writing Section of the SAT!

Abby C

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SAT® Prep · session

Hard Math Qs with 790 scorer

We will go through hard linear algebra questions in this session! (They're secretly easy)

Max W


SAT® Prep · session

SAT Math Review

We'll go over some hard SAT practices, mainly advanced math and algebra. I'll answer questions if there's any.

Alan C

2 spots left!

SAT® Prep · session

SAT Crash Course! | Algebra - Linear functions (Hard Mode)

Today, we'll cover SAT Crash Course! | Algebra - Linear functions (Hard Mode) related SAT questions at the hard level. (Don't worry, we'll tackle the problems together!)

We won't go through the basic concepts; instead, we'll work through the problems together!

The questions we'll be tackling are challenging and demand foundational solid skills to tackle successfully. This session is specifically designed for learners aiming for scores of 700+ on the SAT. Let's dive in and work towards achieving our goals together!

This session moves quickly to give you more practice with questions and help you get faster for the real SAT.

**** Active participation is HIGHLY recommended in this session. ****

Algebra - Linear functions (Hard Mode) - 4

Owen M


Frequently Asked Questions

For a comprehensive list of FAQs, please visit our new Help Desk.

What is is a free online tutoring platform founded by Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy. Our mission is to connect the world through learning—our community of passionate, dedicated volunteer tutors is here to help. We offer free online math tutoring sessions, along with SAT and AP preparation. If you're interested in joining a session, sign up for an account to get started.

Interested in becoming a tutor? The first step is to get certified in a unit, which requires demonstrating your mastery by taking the relevant Khan Academy unit tests. After getting certified, you can apply to become a tutor and join our global volunteer community.

Do SAT tutors really help?

Yes! Receiving support, doing practice problems, and discovering where you can improve can greatly improve your SAT score. SAT tutoring is one of several ways to provide this structure! For many, meeting with a private SAT tutor or attending SAT prep courses can be costly and inaccessible. However, at Schoolhouse all of our online tutoring sessions are 100% free–we’re committed to broadening access to quality tutoring.

Is Khan Academy good SAT prep?

Yes! Khan Academy and the College Board have partnered to offer free, personalized SAT practice. And if you’re interested in live, personalized SAT tutoring sessions, check out a free session on hosted by our volunteer tutors!

Can you take the SAT without studying?

It’s definitely possible to take the SAT without studying. However, your SAT score can play a role in what colleges you get accepted into, and it never hurts to put your best foot forward! Our SAT tutors are here to support you to do your best.

How many hours should I study for the SAT?

There is no magic number! The time commitment for SAT prep can range from 3 to 20 hours per week the months leading up to the test–across practice tests, reading review material, attending SAT tutoring sessions, or going to prep classes. This number might depends on where you’re at and what your goals are. We’re all for committing yourself to practice–just don’t forget to take breaks, drink water, and sleep!

What is the best way to prep for the SAT?

There are many ways prep for the SAT: private tutoring, self-study, SAT prep courses, and more. At Schoolhouse, we offer free, small-group SAT tutoring sessions that anyone, anywhere can join. We personally believe that studying is best with the motivation of peers and mentors who have your back, and that finances shouldn’t be a barrier to reaching your goals.

Join a Session Today. 100% Free.Join our global community of learners and tutors to get free, quality access to tutoring. peer tutoring, for free.


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