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A Learner’s Guide to Schoolhouse

By Jose C on July 14, 2022

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A Learner’s Guide to Schoolhouse

By Jose C

So you’re new to Schoolhouse, or maybe you’re not. Either way, here are three ways that you can get the most out of sessions and out of Schoolhouse in general.

1. Ask questions, take your own notes, and study them.

Whether your goal is to get some extra help, learn for fun, or get ahead, three crucial parts of the learning process is to take notes, ask questions, and to then study.

The way I take notes, (and this depends on the person), is by getting a piece of scrap paper, writing down everything I think is important, writing down any questions that I have, asking them, and jotting down the answer. This doesn’t have to be organized; since you’ll be doing this during the session, your main goal is to just get the information down.

Once you’ve done that, whenever you have time, look back at those notes. This time, actually transcribe them to a notebook in an organized manner- but only the big ideas. You might be wondering why do the extra-work of taking notes twice. The truth is, this actually saves you time because by taking a look at your notes with fresh eyes and jotting them down a second time, it’s easier to get the big picture. When it’s time to study, you’ll study the big pictures instead of all of the redundant minor details.

2. Do the certifications as a way to track your progress…or become a tutor!

Another crucial part of the learning process is actually testing yourself. Schoolhouse has a great certification process on Khan Academy, so I recommend you do practice problems, (especially if you’re studying math), and when you feel comfortable, try to certify yourself. This is also a great way of showing your mastery to others on Schoolhouse.

You could also become a tutor! After proving you know the material, try teaching it to someone else—such an experience can really cement what you’ve learnt into your long-term memory. It can also expose you to various new and interesting people, and their unique thought processes. This can expand your knowledge and deepen your interest in the subject!

3. It’s not just work. There’s fun to be had!

Schoolhouse has an amazing community, which means it isn’t all so serious, there’s also fun and games! I’ve met so many cool friends here at Schoolhouse. Several tutors and I always have tutor huddles where we just relax, joke around, and have a good time. There are even some “Tutor Learning Circles” which are just sessions anyone, tutors and learners, can join to ask each other for tips, ask questions, meet new people, and as I said…have a good time! There are also science fairs, game sessions, books clubs, and more! Hope to see you there! peer tutoring, for free.


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