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Statistics Series


Econometrics Math Review

39th session

Making this series for Jessica who's studying econometrics. We'll be hitting a lot of different topics starting with calculus & optimization and moving to probability & statistics. Others are welcome to join, but we'll be sticking to Jessica's study plan.

Evan T


AP Statistics Crash Course

3rd session

Hello! I'm Vanshika and I'm so excited to prepare you for AP Statistics! If you are taking AP Statistics next year or have a passion for Statistics, this series is for you! This series will cover the full-length AP course, including in-depth content, AP Practice Problems, practice assessments, simulations, and more. A few important skills for success in this course include good reading comprehension, clear written communication, quantitative reasoning, and technology (graphing calculator and statistical software) skills. AP Curriculum: Unit 1: Exploring One-Variable Data Unit 2: Exploring Two-Variable Data Unit 3: Collecting Data Unit 4: Probability, Random Variables, and Probability Distributions Unit 5: Sampling Distributions  Unit 6: Inference for Categorical Data: Proportions Unit 7: Inference for Quantitative Data: Means Unit 8: Inference for Categorical Data: Chi-Square Unit 9: Inference for Quantitative Data: Slopes Qualifications: I took AP Statistics last year and maintained an A+ in the class! Prerequisites: Algebra II Requirements: Graphing Calculator & Notebook

Vanshika G


Get Ready for AP Statistics

2nd session

This course will prepare you for AP Statistics if you will take it next year, or if you are just willing to learn in general. We will cover all the content in the unit, and you will get practice with real AP EXAM PROBLEMS. Learn easy tricks and gain a real understanding while gaining confidence in your first experience in Statistics. Also, sessions in this series will be added further on, and some may change, depending on if we need more time with certain units. Looking forward to working with you! Prerequisites: A good understanding of algebra and completion of Algebra II and Geometry.

Vardhan A