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Shawnak S

Joined Mar 2023 · He/Him

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Chem Club

    13th session
Welcome to Chem Club! This series is for all you chemistry enthusiasts to learn new and exciting topics typically not typically taught in schools and to share your passion of chem with others.

This series serves as a chem community engagement series hosted by the moderators to bring a stronger sense of community and connections between members of the chem subworld.

Each week we will cover a new topic and play fun games such as Kahoot!s to challenge our knowledge.

Feel free to join sessions as and when you are able to, but we would love to have you as regular participants and form a consistent group. Looking forward to seeing you in sessions!

Claire S and 2 others

Registration full.

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score range · 500 - 590

Math for the November 2023 SAT

Hi, my name is Shawnak. I am a current junior at a high school in Georgia. I got a 1560 on my SAT with a 790 in math. I am currently in Georgia Tech (college) math. My hobbies include playing guitar and violin. I hope to meet all of you soon!

Shawnak S

Series ended. peer tutoring, for free.


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