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Taeho K

Joined Jan 2022 · He/Him


Hello! I'm really excited to be here in as a tutor with you guys!

🌟 In, I'm an experienced tutor with 350+ Positive Ratings and 100+ Followers!

📌 As a student, I'm an 8th grader living in Southern California who really likes to help people and meet new people around the world!

✨ In my free time, I LOVE watching anime and reading manga. I also really like to play piano, learn about Psychology, learn languages, performing in theatre, listen to K-Pop and J-Pop, ponder around random thoughts, and take a nap (or sleep)😴

💬 Feel free to reach out to me anytime in SHW or Slack (@Taeho K) anytime!

👋 ENFP-T / Virgo / NeFiTeSi


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Upcoming Sessions

Community · Series

Typology 101 [Introduction to MBTI] 🚀✨🧠

    2nd session

Hello! Myers-Brigg Type Indicator, widely known as MBTI, is a personality test that "types" out your personality. This test "types" your personality in 5 letters, and each of the letters represents a part of your personality. In this course, we will take a deep look at the Myers-Brigg Personality Test and learn more about our personalities. We will unravel each letter, unearthing what each of the letters means. We will also discover the eight cognitive functions that make up each of the 16 personalities, learning why each nature interacts that way in the world. I hope you enjoy this series! 🌟🌟 Class Slides:

Taeho K


Featured Feedback


Thanks for the session! I liked that you wanted to get everyone comfy by inviting them to introduce themselves and play Gartic Phone :)

Learner · 4 days ago

Taeho K, is the most energetic and exciting tutor I have come across on schoolhouse. His session was very interactive.

Learner · 4 days ago

A nice game and an excellent tutor!

Learner · 4 days ago

Thank you for the orientation. You are a very friendly tutor!

Learner · 4 days ago


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