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Taeho K

Joined Jan 2022 · He/Him


Hello! 👋 My name is Taeho, and I'm a SoCal high school freshman! I have hosted over 60 sessions and received over 500 positive ratings in! I'm also part of the Community Engagement Team and a moderator for the Enrichment Subworld! In my free time, I love singing, napping (who doesn't), socializing, meeting new people, learning about other people's cultures, performing, etc.! Feel free to reach out to me in SHW or Slack (@Taeho K!) I'm really delighted to be here with you guys! **NEXT KOREAN CLASS WILL BE A WINTER BREAK BOOTCAMP


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Upcoming Sessions

Experimental · Series

Korean 1A Winter Bootcamp ☃️🌠🎎


환영해! This series is an introductory two-week course to master the fundamentals of Korean! We will begin learning with Korean's own phonetic system, Hangul, and end with a solid understanding of basic Korean to move on to the next course! (Korean 1B will be in March/April) We will also utilize K-pop and Kdrama to develop our proficiency in Korean!

💬 "It was great learning Korean with Taeho! I really enjoyed all the fun ways he used to help us learn- such as funny phrases, quizlets, gimkits, and more. It was an awesome experience and his attitude to students definitely played a big role in it; he was super enthusiastic and supportive! I’ll definitely join another class with Taeho if I have the chance!" - Learner 💬 "You were very enthusiastic throughout the session, encouraging your students to unmute and try the pronunciations, and you engaged in friendly conversations with both your co-host and your students. You were very outgoing and very approachable. On top of all of that, you managed to teach a lot of Korean in the session as well. Overall, great job and keep up the great work!" - Tutor

Taeho K


Featured Feedback


thank you for the review, and the fun session! the gimkit was really nice and the explanations of particles was clear.

Learner · 3 mo. ago

Awesome job to all of the contestants and judges. Congratulations to the winners! Schoolhouse's Got Talent was a fantastic event, and I hope you do another one again in the near future.

Learner · 4 mo. ago

This session was amazing! I had so much fun, and Taeho is a great teacher. Looking forward to the next one!

Learner · 3 mo. ago

This was a great session, Taeho! I love how interactive the session was - you continuously checked up on your learners and gave thorough examples to aid us in learning hangul. Keep it up :)

Learner · 4 mo. ago


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