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Karolina K

Joined Nov 2021 · She/Her


I’m a high school graduate (currently on a gap year), and I love anything from psychology to English to computer science (the languages I use regularly are C# and Dart). I’m very excited to help people learn!

Current series:

How to Write College Essays w/ Eli H (scheduled as separate sessions to allow for co-hosting)

How to Create Characters for Novels/Movies

Math and R&W Bootcamps for the March SAT


Bootcamps for the May and June SATs (unless I get sick or something)

A session on advanced Notion [no timeframe yet]

A series on world-building for stories/for fun [likely April]


Sep 2022 - Present

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Upcoming Sessions

SAT® Bootcamp · Series

Math for the March 2023 SAT

    Tuesdays 10:00 PM, Thursdays 10:00 PM

Hi, my name is Karolina, and I’m super excited to help you prepare for the SAT! I enjoy solving math problems and learning about math proofs, and I hope to share some of my excitement with you. :)

Karolina K

600 - 800


SAT® Bootcamp · Series

Reading and Writing for the March 2023 SAT

    Mondays 10:00 PM, Wednesdays 10:00 PM

Hi, my name is Karolina, and I’m super excited to help you prepare for the SAT! I enjoy writing, reading, and analyzing stories (and literature in general), and I hope to share some of my excitement with you. :)

Karolina K

500 - 590


Experimental · Series

Creating Characters for Novels/Movies


Have you ever wanted to write a novel or movie script but weren’t sure where to start? Characters are a great place, since they drive the story forward and make the reader care. This series will cover how to create protagonists and antagonists, set up character arcs, and center your characters around the core theme of the story (and how to find the theme). We’ll also touch on story structure to give you the context in which your characters will exist in the story, and I’ll give you some tips for how to actually finish your first draft. If you have attended my series on short story writing, that’s awesome! However, no prior experience in writing is necessary to join! I’ll do my best to make the series as beginner-friendly as possible. :)

Karolina K

Registration full.

Experimental · Session

College Advice

Supplementals (Part 1 of 2): How to write the "why us" and "community" essays? (We'll add more common topics if there's time.) There will be 3 more sessions about essays (we couldn’t make them all a series because we wouldn’t have been able to co-host then), so just take a look at either of our profiles to sign up for them!

Karolina K and Eli H

Registration full.

Featured Feedback


She was really kind and showed us slides about achiving goals for New Years! she explained well and gave us enough time to think about the goals we wanted to do and how we could achieve it. She was very helpful throughout the meeting and helped me understand more about the topic we were doing.

Learner · 26 days ago

I'm so going to miss our classes! You're a great teacher.

Learner · 1 mo. ago

Thank you so much for your help! you are a miracle worker!

Learner · 1 mo. ago

i like how she’s picking questions that we are struggling on so we get more practice with it

Learner · 1 mo. ago


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