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Lakshana M

Joined Apr 2021 · She/Her

Featured Feedback


She is an extraordinary tutor I appreciate her dedication and more than what she seems to be an tutor she seems to be so generous and she is so patient . I can understand the topics so well its like giving a trailer to what I will actually study . Keep it up Cheers.

Learner · 2 yr. ago

The session was immensely helpful. The tutor has one by one so diligently solved my doubts, and explained the tough questions so easily, my perception in Biology totally changed. Thanks a lot ma'am. And hope you will bring such sessions in future too.

Learner · 2 yr. ago

I would like to thank Lakshana Mam. The session was super helpful & The way of teaching was also great.

Learner · 2 yr. ago

It was a good session. You're really good at explaining things.

Tutor · 3 yr. ago

Thank you so much. To give your time which is really valuable for me, trying always your best for making anything easy and I really love the polite way you speak....

Learner · 2 yr. ago

I love the way you teach it .Its all making clear sense for some other's session in between I have to break and ask doubts but you are teaching in a way that all was in right flow and that's all crystal are an nice tutor please keep it up

Learner · 2 yr. ago

She taught really well ! Absolutely love her classes.

Tutor · 2 yr. ago peer tutoring, for free.


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