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Jeffrey K

Joined Apr 2021

Featured Feedback


I like how the walkthroughs of each example was easy to understand.

Learner · 11 mo. ago

Honestly he's the best teacher on here I enjoyed his class while also being able to understand the lesson.

Learner · 1 yr. ago

Jeffrey is cool,a good tutor

Learner · 1 yr. ago

The session was interactive and fun. All the doubts were cleared patiently by the tutor and the concepts were explained clearly.

Learner · 2 yr. ago

It was an excellent class, thank you :)

Learner · 2 yr. ago

The tutor was very good at explaining things and I got a thorough understanding of the concept.

Learner · 1 yr. ago

I loved going through practice problems! That helped me practice the skills. Thank you!

Learner · 1 yr. ago

I like how you weaved in practice problems throughout the session, especially when you invited the learner to walk you through it. Keep it up! And yeah, if you had the time left over for Q&A, waiting out the time in case learners show up is a good idea.

Tutor · 2 yr. ago

What a wonderful class! The teacher was very helpful.

Tutor · 2 yr. ago peer tutoring, for free.


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