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Rathna M

Joined Jan 2024 · She/Her


Hi! I'm a high school student from Georgia. My hobbies include writing, photography, and playing the flute, but I also love being outside, where I enjoy kayaking and hiking. I can help with preparation for Math in the SAT as well as for other courses (including AP classes or any math up to AP Precalculus).

Some classes I have taken so far include:

Accelerated Algebra 1/Geometry A, Accelerated Geometry B/Algebra 2, AP Human Geography, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, AP Precalculus, AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, and AP Spanish Language. I have also received the AP Scholar with Distinction Award.


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Upcoming Sessions

score range · 600 - 690

Math for the August 2024 SAT

    Saturdays 11:00 PM, Sundays 11:00 PM

Hi! My name is Rathna, and I am excited to tutor math in the Schoolhouse dSAT bootcamp for the fourth time. The math section is all about knowing the concepts, understanding the application, and solving problems with confidence, so let's work together to unlock your math potential and make way for success!

Rathna M

2 spots left!

Pomodoro Study Sessions

    117th session

⭐💙Hey guys! I will be using the Pomodoro method in hopes of reducing procrastination while doing work. I will mostly (not sure yet) host sessions after 4PM EST in week days because that is when I start studying individually. 💙⭐ - I sometimes host sessions on weekends after 1PM EST when I am available. I'll make the series as long as possible! I make the sessions longer because i get too attached to what I am doing at a given time👀 ... My goal for this series is to help others and myself work productively and to reduce procrastination with the Pomodoro timer 💙! 🏖️We will continue to host sessions during the summer.🏖️ Even though you may no longer have assignments and homework, there are plenty of other things you could use these sessions for. For example, you could use these sessions to dedicate a set time to work on and eventually complete a summer goal, such as summer reading or completing a course on Khan Academy. You could also use these sessions to encourage you to set a time to practice and improve your amazing skills, such as coding, art, writing, music, and language learning. You could even use this time to motivate yourself to practice for upcoming exams like the SAT or study for upcoming classes. The possibilities are seemingly endless! :) This series is meant to help with motivation and procrastination, NOT homework. 📄🫂📄 This is NOT meant to be a homework help tutoring session where we help each other with work. This is simply meant to be a helpful and motivating studying environment/group where everyone focuses on their own individual work. We try to be interactive but not too interactive because we don't want to be disruptive in your individual work. If you have a question though or want some suggestions with your work we can try to help. :) We are not always qualified to help you with your homework as we don't have certifications in every subject. 🪙📖🪙 If you want individual help with work, I recommend going to the Subworld based on the subject you are working on and seeing if they have an open homework help session as they would be most qualified to help you. 📝🕵️📝 Note: This is not meant to be an interactive open tutoring for help on completing assignments (though we will try to help if you need it), therefore it is not going to seem that interactive. The whole point is to work in a motivating environment with other learners to help complete assignments. It will not seem to be that interactive as we don't want to ask a bunch of questions which can potentially bother our learners. Although you will be working and doing other things mostly on your own, this is meant to be a helpful and motivating environment for doing such. This is somewhat similar to setting up a timer at home but with this one can not only get extra minutes but also you can be in a more helpful, encouraging, and motivating environment with other learners that will most likely be a lot more effective with getting your work done. This can be very helpful with procrastination and setting times to get your work done with us. Not everyone is able to have or join a study group and this is especially great for them. :) Cohosts: - Hannah became a Co-host on 03/21/2024. - Aayan became a Co-host on 05/01/2024. - Aneesh became a Co-host on 05/02/2024. - Shibu became a Co-host on 05/08/2024. - Alina became a Co-host on 05/18/2024. - Rathna became a Co-host on 05/21/2024. - Kavyash became a Co-host on 05/25/2024. - Harry became a Co-host on 05/31/2024. - Aditya became a Co-host on 06/26/2024.


Ruth B and 10 others


Rathna's SAT BC Onboarding Session

Hi! My name is Rathna, and I have tutored three dSAT math bootcamps so far for all three score ranges. I like to tell my learners that the SAT is like a puzzle—you’re just putting together your knowledge of the different concepts but applying them in different problems. Join this Onboarding Session required for Tutors participating in their first SAT Bootcamp! You’ll go over useful tutoring skills and have the chance to meet other Bootcamp tutors like you.

Rathna M


Featured Feedback


Thank you for the session. The selection of questions were thoughtful.

Learner · 3 days ago

Thank you very much for the helpful practice! I appreciate you explaining multiple ways to solve one question. Also, thanks for answering my question very thoroughly!

Learner · 9 days ago

Thank you for the session!! I feel more confident about my upcoming session

Learner · 3 days ago

You went over multiple ways to solve some problems which helps in different scenarios. Thank you very much.

Learner · 9 days ago


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