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Emilio A

Joined Jul 2020 · He/Him

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Emi is an amazing teacher!! I am not only understanding Blockchain but keeping up with the class. I have had no previous knowledge of Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ether or Hashing other than hearing about it on tv or social media platforms. I am actually Excited to learn more and find myself interested in exploring you tube for videos, articles or links he has provided us with outside of class. Curiosity on the subject had been ignited.

Learner · 2 yr. ago

it was the most funny session I have ever attended. I really enjoyed learning from Emilio.

Learner · 3 yr. ago

Emi did a great job of explaining Blockchain. It is logical and clear. I love the way how you break specific parts into many pieces and go into each aspect. His analogies make it easy to understand such a daunting/difficult subject.

Learner · 2 yr. ago

I love Emmi

Learner · 3 yr. ago peer tutoring, for free.


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