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Dickson T

Joined Feb 2021


Taking a summer break until August 🌴. Normally teaching every Sunday at 9am US/Pacific. I’m a software engineer and a former CS TA in college. Looking forward to helping you achieve your learning goals and appreciate the usefulness of what you’re learning!


Feb 2021 - Present

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Featured Feedback


A great tutor with a crisp presentation. Though I have used ChatGPT numerous times before I was able to get a deeper understanding through his logical approach. Trying to think what "ChatGPT would do", helped understand the bond between the communication of our typed text and the AI.

Learner · 5 mo. ago

Very articulate, great explanations, and friendly. I really learned plenty from this tutoring session that I do not think I would find anywhere else. I wish I discovered this tutor earlier for the previous sessions I did not register for.

Learner · 6 mo. ago

I learned so much from this tutoring session about ChatGPT, and how to use it more effectively to study the reading and writing sections for the SAT. Before, I thought I had a good grasp on ChatGPT and how it works from researching, but this session cleared up my understanding of it with easy to understand explanations. Overall, I would highly recommend this tutor.

Learner · 5 mo. ago

Dickson is one of the best tutors i've ever had. He's always positive, providing easy-to-understand explanations, strategies for us to improve, and constantly provides positive reinforcement. After taking this SAT, I may not attend a class ever again, but Dickson's attitude, approach to problems, and honest mindset will stick with me till the day I die.

Learner · 6 mo. ago


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