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I’m a software engineer and a former CS TA in college. Looking forward to helping you achieve your learning goals and appreciate the usefulness of what you’re learning!

What learners have to say

He is a great tutor who knows a lot about what and how to teach :)

The session was great and had a warm atmosphere. I've been studying for the SAt for a little over a year now and I learnt some key tips today (like the ways to notice emphasis with word choice and punctuation) that I have not seen anywhere before. The word "meticulous" is also going to stick with me for a very long time because of you haha. Thank you!!

everything was really well prepared, i liked the docs and how you explained the problems!

I really liked the way you compiled all the strategies in one single handout and went over them one by one. The demos were always the most helpful throughout this series and I'm glad I'm seeing some improvement. One thing I think would have also been helpful are tips on studying for the SAT itself. Thank you for all your help, I'd love to attend more series led by you!

The way you introduce new strategies that are seamlessly included in the lesson. I really like that we had the chance to apply those strategies as a class.

Continuously practicing the strategies you provided really helped me! I noticed that this time around, I performed a lot better overall and understood the majority of the passage. Thank you :)

Thank you! These small group coaching sessions have been extremely helpful and I feel a lot more confident in the Reading section nowadays. I've learned to tweak the way I'm reading passages while actively practicing that as I go, and that's made it a lot easier to integrate some of your pointers into my reading process.

Thank you for the side-tips you provided along the way, I really appreciated those. It was really nice further realizing that what you learn from things like the SAT could actually be used in the future as well. Changing that perspective of the SAT was something that I've only seen you do and it's helped make the SAT a lot less intimidating, but more so an opportunity to learn instead. Looking forward to more sessions :)

I always rush into the passages or skip lines , but today's session showed us that the main key is to read at your own pace and UNDERSTAND the passage. Thank you!

Felt Awesome and the strategies you shared were very useful and helped me make my reading skills more efficient

What fellow tutors have to say

Amazing job! I love how much attention you payed to detail, and how you gave your learners amazing strategies to solve the reading passages! Great going!

I loved how you walked through the code using the frames. this rlly helped me as i've been struggling through java :)

Amazing session! I loved the tips you gave and feel like I'm prepared for SAT and, surprisingly, my school journey in general.🤩🤩 Thank you so much!


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SAT® Prep · Series

SAT Grammar Workshop

    4th session

In this 4-week series, we will dive deeper into the topic of grammar, practicing S-V-O identification, subject verb agreement, pronoun coreference resolution, etc. These skills should help you become a better reader and writer overall, and they should of course translate to better performance on the SAT as well. This series is designed to be a follow up of my 2021 SAT Reading Strategy Winter Bootcamp. If you missed content there, review the slides in

Dickson T


SAT® Prep · Series

(Former students only) SAT Reading Small Group Coaching

    4th session

Same drill as our previous series: you read, I "correct your form". Only learners who have **attended on Zoom**, not just registered for, a past session from the following series may sign up. All others will be withdrawn. "SAT Reading Small Group Coaching (Cohort 1 of 2)" "SAT Reading Small Group Coaching (Cohort 2 of 2)" "SAT Reading Small Group Coaching (Cohort 1 of 3)" "SAT Reading Small Group Coaching (Cohort 2 of 3)" "SAT Reading Small Group Coaching (Cohort 3 of 3)" "SAT Reading Small Group Coaching (Cohort 1 of 3)" "SAT Reading Small Group Coaching (Cohort 2 of 3)" "SAT Reading Small Group Coaching (Cohort 3 of 3)"

Dickson T

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