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Dickson T

Joined Feb 2021


I’m a software engineer and a former CS TA in college. Looking forward to helping you achieve your learning goals and appreciate the usefulness of what you’re learning!


Feb 2021 - Present

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Upcoming Sessions

Experimental · Summer Camp Series

Intro to Linguistics


[Schoolhouse Summer Camp] Linguistics is the science behind human languages, which we of course use all the time. In this series, we will cover a variety of fascinating concepts, tools, and trivia. Examples: - Concept: "Minimal Pairs" - Some languages care about certain sound distinctions while others don't, e.g. "ta" and "tha" in Hindi. - Tools: Why do vowels sound different from consonants? Praat plots a spectrogram of your speech so you can visually see the difference. - Trivia: English and the Austronesian language Mbarbaram both use the word “dog” to refer to canines.

Dickson T


SAT® Prep · Series

SAT Reading -- Paraphrasing Practice (Based on Practice Test #7)


Similar to the session from 2022/05/22, we will practice paraphrasing. Volunteers will get a chance to paraphrase a paragraph, and I will provide feedback. Then, we will go through the questions together. This series is based on Practice Test #7. We will *not* cover test-taking strategy in this class.

Dickson T

4 spots left!

SAT® Prep · Series

SAT Writing Practice (Practice Test 10)

    3rd session

SAT writing practice and concept review.

Dickson T

5 spots left!

Featured Feedback


Dickson is better than my Mathnasium tutor and many of my teachers. He explains in a way that is clear enough to understand "the why" to my incorrect answer choices. Reviewing my scores from previous SAT scores, I can proudly say I improved 100 points based on the practice exam. I enjoyed this session a lot more than I expected.

Learner · 1 mo. ago

Amazing job! I love how much attention you payed to detail, and how you gave your learners amazing strategies to solve the reading passages! Great going!

Tutor · 5 mo. ago

When we get to give our reasoning for a question and it might be wrong Dickson helps us through the reasoning not the question which is super helpful.

Learner · 1 mo. ago

Thank you for the side-tips you provided along the way, I really appreciated those. It was really nice further realizing that what you learn from things like the SAT could actually be used in the future as well. Changing that perspective of the SAT was something that I've only seen you do and it's helped make the SAT a lot less intimidating, but more so an opportunity to learn instead. Looking forward to more sessions :)

Learner · 5 mo. ago


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