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Jason D

Joined May 2022 · He/Him


Hi, I am Jason, a student currently in Grade 12. I live in Montreal, Canada. I am trilingual (English, French and Chinese). I love tutoring others. I have more than three years of experience in tutoring AMC 8, 10, and 12, and all math from elementary to high school.Looking forward to help you!


Salutations chers lecteurs, je m'appelle Jason, et je suis un élève à l'université venant de Montréal, Canada. Je suis trilingue (je suis fluent en anglais, en français et en chinois). J'adore aider et donner des cours aux autres. J'ai plus de trois and d'expérience dans le tutorat AMC 8, 10 et 12, et toutes les mathématiques du primaire au secondaire. Au plaisir de vous aider!


你好,我是杰森,是一名学生,目前在12年级。我住在加拿大的蒙特利尔。我精通三种语言(英语、法语和中文)。我喜欢给别人做家教。我在辅导AMC 8、10、12级,以及从小学到高中的所有数学方面有三年多的经验。期待能帮助您!


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Featured Feedback


such a helpful tutor, i got a 98% on my test and i couldnt have done it without him!

Learner · 1 yr. ago

Hi Jason! I'm Vince and I just audited your session. First, I liked how you were very patient with both learners during the live help. When they didn't know a specific formula, you helped them recall the formula on their own and apply it to solve for the answer. I also liked how you were able to disprove the answer key's mistake and mathematically reason through the correct answer, clearing up the learner's confusion. Overall, nice job! If you want to ask any questions or just need someone to chat with, feel free to message me on Slack. Thanks for being a tutor at SHW! - Vince K

Tutor · 1 yr. ago

Jason was an extremely great tutor. He is the first tutor who was able to explain things at a pace that made sense to me. He helped me go over my basics and gave me practice problems. He was patient and cheered me on when I was unsure what to do. I now feel excited to know how to solve the problems I was earlier confused on. Thank you so much!

Learner · 1 yr. ago

Thank youuuuu! I appreciated how patient you were with me, and how thorough you were while helping me out. :]

Learner · 1 yr. ago


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