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Algebra 2


  • Unit circle introduction
  • Radians
  • The Pythagorean identity
  • Trigonometric values of special angles
  • Graphs of sin(x), cos(x), and tan(x)
  • Amplitude, midline and period
  • Transforming sinusoidal graphs
  • Graphing sinusoidal functions
  • Sinusoidal models

Small-group help sessions in "Trigonometry"

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Algebra 2 · session

Full Comprehensive TRIGNOMETRY Crash Course

Embark on a serious exploration of angles, triangles, and the profound world of trigonometric functions. Whether you're revisiting fundamentals or seeking a deeper understanding, this seminar is designed for rigorous learning and practical applications.

Abhay D


Algebra 2 · series session


We will cover basic trigonometry topics such as the graphs of trigonometric functions and also the unit circle.

Siyun C and Mengmeng Z

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