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ExploreCalculusLimits and continuity


Limits and continuity

  • About the course
  • Defining limits and using limit notation
  • Estimating limit values from graphs
  • Estimating limit values from tables
  • Determining limits using algebraic properties of limits: limit properties
  • Determining limits using algebraic properties of limits: direct substitution
  • Determining limits using algebraic manipulation
  • Selecting procedures for determining limits
  • Determining limits using the squeeze theorem
  • Exploring types of discontinuities
  • Defining continuity at a point
  • Confirming continuity over an interval
  • Removing discontinuities
  • Connecting infinite limits and vertical asymptotes
  • Connecting limits at infinity and horizontal asymptotes
  • Working with the intermediate value theorem

Upcoming in Limits and continuity

2 Sessions

Calculus · series session

Limits and continuity

First, we will discuss what each of us individually is hoping to get out of this series and where we are at with our calculus knowledge. After this we will discuss topics in Limits and Continuity.
Make sure to bring a pencil and paper!

Luke R


5 spots left!

Calculus · session

Limits and continuity

We're going to cover Limits and continuity

William L


9 spots left!

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