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Hello. Today, this lesson will be based on math calculations in Physics, "NOT AP physics". Today we will be going over two position equations and one velocity equations, the 6 symbols that will help in the "Cookbook" for Physics, and two practice problems. This will require some notetaking so attached below is a pdf of the worksheet that we're going to use during the session. Please take time to download it before the session. (file:///C:/Users/Grace/Downloads/Worksheet%20on%20Motion%20with%20constant%20acceleration%2011-2-21%20(1).pdf)

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I'm taking normal Physics as my science in high school and I'm a sophomore this year (10th grader). I've taught Physics many times to younger kids who are interested in this topic. If you're a math person, physics is for you cause it's basically just straight up math:)

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