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Reading & Writing Bootcamp for the October 2023 SAT

Next session on Sep 23, 2023

Toric H

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Series Details


My name is Toric. I like to explain things to people, both math and reading/writing, and that's what I'll be trying to do this bootcamp. I would like for everyone to be more knowledgable, both myself and others.

This four-week tutoring series will help you prepare for your upcoming SAT in both Reading and Writing & Language. By the end of the series, you will have completed multiple practice tests and worked through a number of problems from previous SATs, helping you build confidence for your upcoming exam.

You’ll spend each session with me and a small group of other learners who are also working towards taking the SAT. Since it’s a small group, you can expect sessions to be very interactive as you work together towards improving your SAT skills as much as you can!

Note: Cameras should be on so we can all get to know each other! If you have a specific reason why you can’t have your camera on, please notify me ahead of time.


Please do not miss more than one session over the four weeks, as that will negatively affect your learning and may also take up a spot from another learner who could have attended every session.

Message your tutor if you have an extenuating circumstance and must miss a session. If you have two unexcused absences, your tutor may remove you from the bootcamp series.


September 9 - October 4


7 / 10

SAT Score Range

500 - 590

Total Sessions


About the Tutor

Hello. I'm a Mayland high school student who's already taken the SAT and qualified to help other people. I'm one of the few people that enjoy math a great deal. I like books and music and anime.

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 5

SAT Reading & Writing

We will review strategies for tackling the History and Social Science passages. We will work through an example together, then do 2 passages of a practice exam. After, we will review exam and work through any questions you’d like to go over.


Session 6

SAT Reading & Writing

We’ll take another practice exam (Writing and Language). We will then review the exam and work through any questions you’d like to go over. We will end the session with a quick round of targeted writing practice.


Session 7

SAT Reading & Writing

We’ll start the session by reviewing strategies for a focus passage type (based on the results of the previous practice exams). Afterwards, we will begin the a reading practice exam and review any questions you have.


Session 8

SAT Reading & Writing

We’ll first finish the reading practice exam from the previous session. We will then answer any questions you have from the practice. To end off the session (and the bootcamp!), we’ll wrap up everything and provide some final words of advice/encouragement.

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