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Biology • Series

Exploring Climate Change: Discussions on Environmental Issues

Next session on Feb 29, 2024

Ruoyu C

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Series Details


Are we getting the right picture when it comes to climate change? In today's world of catchy headlines, the full story is not often reported. In this series, we will discuss the truth and science behind environmental issues, both the good news and the bad. Each session will provide researched information to provide you with the clearest image of each issue. Topics include: - The complex picture of climate change: the causes - The multiple effects of climate change - The potential solutions and the implemented solutions - How should we talk about climate change? - Why does it seem like no one is making progress? - Prevention and Adaptation strategies - What you can do to help in your community - What is the biggest thing you can do to have the greatest impact? - Is climate change as bad as it looks? I hope you will join me in learning about what really lies beneath climate change! (Session times are subject to change)

Tutor Qualifications

Hello, I have been a tutor for three years, holding 6 classes for multiple people online. I have a passion for studying Climate and Environmental subjects and have written numerous environmental articles for the school newspaper. In this series, I cannot wait to share my knowledge and hold meaningful discussions on the future of our planet!


Try to make all the sessions as best as you can. If you cannot, please message me.


August 11 - February 29


8 / 15

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About the Tutor

Hello! I'm a junior in America who is interested in environmental issues, writing, and reading.

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Session 5

Other Topics

We will explore why it is hard for us to solve climate change and the fear that surrounds it. How should we talk about climate change to get a response?

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