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Algebra 2 • Series

Filling the gaps in Algebra II

Dimitar K

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This series ended on May 6, 2022. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


The Content This series aims to cross the entirety of Algebra 2. Although essential theory will be mentioned and briefly explained, there will not be much introduction to the subject matter. Instead, the series will put an emphasis on the approaches needed to cope with various specific exercises. The difficulty of some exercises will exceed those from Khan Academy so as to reach the level of understanding required for some external exams. Time On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for now, beginning at 8 pm EET (NOTE: from session 2 onward I will begin the meetings at 9 pm as it just is the case that more learners are able to attend a bit later). Based on who joins in the initial sessions I will try to adapt to a different hour if it suits you better. Length and Span All the sessions are going to be 2 hours long, where in the first hour and a half the dedicated material and exercises will be covered and the rest (of which the more, the better) I suggest be spent in solving some exercises which you might find challenging or alternatively do chapter quizzes together. I am planning the series to be about a month-long but based on learners' acquisition of the material, it may vary. It is long but if you stick with me, we could achieve a lot together. Merit for the series The prerequisite for studying Algebra 2 is of course having a good understanding of Algebra 1 and a good grasp of functions and graph analysis (but nothing too crazy). As already mentioned, it will be a more practical series so the concepts of Algebra 2 will not be gradually introduced. I welcome everybody who is ready to embark on a big challenge like this. See you soon!


For the most part, I will not withdraw learners as a result of skipping sessions. However, if it is the case that the max amount of learners is reached, I believe non-attending learners should make room for those interested.


April 20 - May 6


8 / 15

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I am a Year 11 student from Bulgaria and math is my predominant strength. Being an IB student majoring in higher-level mathematics, I am confident in my abilities to teach the majority of high school maths. I would be glad to assist anyone - via walking them through whole chapters or helping with specific questions from standardized examinations.

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