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Atomic Habits -- Discussion and Application

Sher A

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This series ended on August 14, 2023. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

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Atomic Habits by James Clear is a book that has been recognized as the gold standard to forming new habits and breaking old ones. In this series I'll take you through the now highly acknowledged habit tips in the book, and we'll discuss on how to apply these tips to our own lives to realize our potential. Reading along is highly recommended (approx 3 chapters per week), but not strictly necessary. This series is somewhat like a bookclub discussion for this book but with high emphasis on application of the book's advice. There'll be 6 sessions in total to cover the whole book. Every Saturday 8:30PM EST.

Tutor Qualifications

I read this book a month ago and read It again recently.


The first couple of chapters would build the base from which the discussion would proceed further, so missing them is not recommended. The later chapters are fairly complete in themselves, so no strict attendance policy after that. However, to get the most complete understanding of the material and draw maximum benefit from it, it's recommended to attend all sessions.


May 28 - August 14


31 / 40

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Helping students with SAT reading and writing section, along with some maths, physics and computer science.

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