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Solving Math Problems with Python

Gabi T

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This series ended on April 30, 2022. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

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We are currently working through the first 100 Project Euler problems. Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will require more than just mathematical insights to solve. We have also reviewed using Python to solve Khan Academy problems; this was a teaching session which I may repeat by popular demand. We will be using Python (version 3.8 or higher) and the numpy and sympy packages. I strongly recommend installing and using Anaconda Spyder for this series: Alternatively, you can use an online Python session like: Please make sure you can run successfully (i.e. with no error) before registering for this series: import numpy as np, sympy Based on participant interest, we can look at some advanced topics: Computing limits, derivatives, and integrals numerically; Linear algebra; How computers represent numbers internally and numerical stability; Optimization

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5+ years experience working as data scientist, quant, ML engineer


You are free to attend/skip whichever sessions you want.


February 26 - April 30


10 / 15

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I'm a data scientist / ML engineer / entrepreneur who has been greatly helped by math and programming all throughout his career and I'm happy to share everything I know with anyone.

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