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Building a Coding Course [Updated]

Next session on Mar 28, 2023

Hosted by Chace C

Series Details


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Series Details


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a traditional series.

The end goal is to build a video that introduces new learners to programming in an effective, engaging manner.

All learners are welcome; if you have programming experience please consider joining! The purpose of this series is to work together with others and consider everyone’s perspective to create the best explanation for new coders.

If you have no experience with coding, don’t worry! Just by listening and asking questions, you will get a head start on your coding journey :)

The series is split into five parts:

1. Brainstorm - collect all of our ideas

2. Storyboard - organize and order our ideas

3. Prototype - start to build scripts / animations

4. Build - start to build what will be the end result

5. Finalize - finish step 4 and clean up audio/video quality and effects

As of now, there is one session dedicated to each part. However, we will not move on to the next part without finishing the part we are on, even if it means adding more sessions after the first five.

If you have any questions or concerns, please message either me personally or the group chat thread for the series!

Tutor Qualifications

I started programming six years ago!

You can see my sketches here:

And my other projects here


You will be withdrawn from the series if you have two unexcused absences in a row


March 21 - April 19


21 / 30

Total Sessions


About the Tutor

I'm a high school senior who loves mathematics and programming. Currently researching new machine learning techniques to improve autonomous agents. How will you start your journey?

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 2

Computer Science

Storyboard Phase


Session 3

Computer Science

Prototype Phase


Session 4

Computer Science

Build Phase


Session 5

Computer Science

Finalize Phase

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