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RHF (Relax and have fun)

Next session on Mar 25, 2023

Hosted by Liya D

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Series Details


In this series, we'll do activities such as simple arts and crafts, drawing competitions, and game nights to clear our minds and relax while doing fun things.

On some nights, we might play music and I'll ask for recommendations, so please make sure to ask for appropriate songs :)

The idea of this series is to have fun and relax, so let me know about things you'd like to see in future sessions through chat or feedback.

Have fun!!!!

Hope to see you there!


This series is meant to be fun and relaxing so it's totally fine to skip sessions.


March 18 - April 8


11 / 100

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About the Tutor

HELLO EVERYONE!!!! I'm a middle school student from Maryland and I'm here to learn and tutor learners all around the world. In my free time, I like reading, baking, and watching movies. I'm so excited to be here! I'll be hosting awesome game nights and art clubs and also pre-algebra help. See you there!!!

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 2

Community Events

Drawing club! In this session, we'll open music in the background and draw using pens, pencils, and anything you want. You can share your work with everyone at any time you'd like. Hope to see you there! :)


Session 3

Community Events


Hi everyone! I'm super excited to host a movie night in this session. I'll do my best to pick the most wanted movie but I'm only avaliable for one hour so we might not be able to finish it. I'll share my screen so we can all watch the movie. Let me know if you are having technical issues or can't hear it. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT MOVIE YOU WANT TO WATCH IN THE GROUP CHAT. We'll vote on the most wanted movie. 5 minutes before the end of the session, we'll talk about our favorite parts and characters in the movie. (Optional) Please only suggest appropriate movies. Can't wait to see you there!!!

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