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ROAD to an 800: Last minute prep for the MARCH SAT

Harini M

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This series ended on March 11, 2023. All 1:1 and group chats related to this series are disabled 7 days after the last session.

Series Details


Hey everyone! I am a junior high school, and I am hosting this series to help you improve your score on the March SAT this Saturday. In this series we will complete & review 50 of the HARDEST questions on the SAT. If you are in my other Road to 800 series this will be review of all the hard questions we have completed in the series, so if you missed a couple sessions feel free to join. Upon successful completion of these questions I was able to improve my score by 80 points. The content of this series is best suited for those in the 600+ range and those who have successfully completed Algebra 2. If you are below that range, feel free to join although I may be sifting through quite fast. Note: Bring a pencil, calculator, and paper to each session. Please expect to complete problems and participate during the sessions. If you would prefer not to actively participate via mic in the session let me know! Additional Note: To ensure maximum engagement, all learners are encouraged to turn their video on at all times during the session. Please enable audio when requested, learning happens best with active participation! Due to the time limits during the session, I may not be able to answer all questions. As a result, please come me 15 minutes before the sessions and the optional session for the questions that I could not answer.


Please do not miss the session either session on Thursday or Friday at 7:00 pm EST, as that will negatively affect your learning and may take up a spot from another learner that could have attended each session.

Please privately message me via schoolhouse if you have an a unique circumstance and must miss a session. If you would like a copy of the questions we will review please privately message me via schoolhouse.

By signing up for this series you are committed to following the attendance policy ;).


March 8 - March 11


46 / 50

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Hey there, I enjoy solving the rubix cube, learning math, and coding.

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Session 1


We will review common types of careless mistakes and time management strategies for success. Then, we will complete will complete a practice full practice section. No Calculator - 25 minutes and Calculator 55 minutes for a total of 80 minutes. After completing the practice test, we will review any missed questions as a group. Note: If you have extended time please message me so I may give the practice test ahead of time.

Session 2

SAT Math

In this session, we will complete hard questions involving percent's, compound interest formula, systems of equations, graphs, and quadratics.

Session 3

Office Hours

Office Hours for the hard questions covered in class yesterday

Session 4

SAT Math

In this session, we will complete hard questions involving complex arithmetic, and geometric concepts(trig functions, similar triangles, volume formula, circle theorems) and more. To end off the series, we’ll relax and share some final words of advice/encouragement.

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