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Introduction to Counting and Probability

Next session on Jan 30, 2022

Hosted by Shitij G

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In this series, we will cover the Introduction to Counting and Probability book that AoPS provides. We will look at topics ranging from Counting to Combinations to the Binomial Theorem. These topics will be very useful in doing well in math contests such as Mathcounts, the AMC 8, and AMC 10/12.

Tutor Qualifications

I have taught AMC 8 and related math competitions before, and I have a strong background in competition math.


You are free to attend sessions based on which topics you want to cover from Introduction to Counting and Probability


December 5 - January 30


9 / 30

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About the Tutor

Hi there! My name is Shitij and I'm a junior in High School. I have completed AP Calculus AB and BC as well as AP Statistics with a score of 5 in both. I have tutored, and am currently tutoring students in Algebra and PreAlgebra at my local non-profit for 2 years. I was also one of the earlier tutors here at I have a youtube channel as well( where I cover topics ranging from Calculus to Algebra. I also cover topics in Competitive Math Contests like the AMC and AIME as well as Computer Science Contests like USACO. I look forward to teaching you!

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Session 6

AoPS Math

We will look at more Probability, Think About It questions. These questions revolve around counting and probabilities, but often have an unusual twist to them.

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