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🌏 Discussion & Debates 🌍

Next session on Jun 29, 2023

Hosted by Drew B

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Public Discussion

Series Details


🔥Should we colonize Mars or not? 🔥What if we had one language for the world? 🔥Is your vote in a large election pointless? 🔥Should finance be decentralized? 🔥

These are some of the varied topics we'll discuss in this series. Get ready for lively conversations and debates. Each session has its own unique topic. The sessions are highly participatory 🗣️ and require your full engagement. As much as the sessions are about the content, they are the people 👨‍👨‍👧and the unique perspectives you all bring to the Zoom 📺room.

Note: this series is indefinite ♾️. I'll keep adding new sessions. Join if you're interested in getting updates every time we host a new session. You can choose which ones to attend.


You can choose which ones to attend. The one requirement is that when you attend, you must be ready to engage! (It's more than OK if English is not your first language.)


November 30 - January 1


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About the Tutor

I taught math at Khan Lab School and studied physics & CS at MIT. Excited to be a tutor at

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Session 20

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Prompt: Assume technology advances and we can upload our brains to a computer. How would society change? What new laws would emerge? Is it a net good or net bad? How does it change the meaning of life?


Session 21

Community Events

Prompt: Should finance be decentralized? How does crypto work, and what are the inherent tradeoffs at play?

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