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Nick's Novella Club

Next session on Mar 16, 2024

Nick W

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Series Details


Welcome to my novella club! Throughout this series, we will be reading classic novellas (short novels) from some of the most influential and famous authors of all time! The goal of this series is for you to develop the skills to analyze and appreciate works of literature. Since novellas provide tons of room for higher thinking analysis, in each session we will be discussing plot, character, setting, and deeper meanings of the novella that we are reading. To make the series entertaining, there will be many occasions when you will have debates among fellow learners. And, we will even play trivia games relating to our current novella!


Attendance is highly recommended to get the most out of this series. Please send me a message beforehand if you can't come to one of the sessions.


December 4 - March 16


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About the Tutor

My name is Nick, and I'm a passionate high school literature tutor. I teach classic fiction novellas from the most influential and renowned authors who ever lived. In my sessions, I focus on the literary devices and characters of these books. I seek to develop and fine-tune my learners' reading and analysis skills, which will come in handy throughout their lives. Also, I want my students to appreciate the power and beauty of the written word. This quote by Margaret Fuller resonates with me: "Today a reader, tomorrow a leader."

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