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Pre-Calculus Course ~ from functions to limits ♾️

Next session on Jun 10, 2023

Hosted by devika s

Series Details


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This series is full. Spots may open as learners withdraw–try checking back later!

Series Details


This series will cover all of the pre-calculus topics once a week! From functions to limits, you'll be taught each section through 2-3 sessions each :)


Make sure you attend classes. It's the only way to learn. I'll be adding classes indefinitely because of other priorities! But I'll try to maintain a weekly schedule.


December 17 - July 15


50 / 50

Total Sessions


About the Tutor

hello everyone <3 My name is Devika and I am currently an international student studying at an IGCSE school. I am in year 10 and genuinely enjoy engulfing myself in areas of math, physics, chemistry, astronomy and coding! (fun fact: I can speak 5 languages and I can play the electric guitar) I wanted an opportunity to share my knowledge and converse with other knowledge-hungry peers! (eventually, though, I need to get these certifications done 🙄👍) i also have a podcast:

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 12


Unit 6: Vectors

- Vectors introduction: Vectors

- Vector components: Vectors

- Magnitude of vectors: Vectors

- Scalar multiplication: Vectors

- Vector addition and subtraction: Vectors - Direction of vectors: Vectors - Vector components from magnitude and direction: Vectors - Adding vectors in magnitude and direction form: Vectors - Vectors word problems


Session 13


Unit 7: Matrices

- Introduction to matrices: Matrices

- Using matrices to represent data: Matrices

- Multiplying matrices by scalars: Matrices

- Adding and subtracting matrices: Matrices

- Properties of matrix addition & scalar multiplication: Matrices - Using matrices to manipulate data: Matrices - Matrices as transformations of the plane: Matrices - Using matrices to transform the plane: Matrices - Transforming 3D and 4D vectors with matrices: Matrices - Multiplying matrices by matrices: Matrices - Properties of matrix multiplication: Matrices - Representing systems of equations with matrices: Matrices - Introduction to matrix inverses: Matrices - Finding inverses of 2x2 matrices: Matrices - Solving linear systems with matrices


Session 14


Unit 8: Probability and combinatorics

- Venn diagrams and the addition rule: Probability and combinatorics

- Multiplication rule for probabilities: Probability and combinatorics

- Permutations: Probability and combinatorics

- Combinations: Probability and combinatorics

- Probability using combinatorics: Probability and combinatorics - Probability distributions introduction: Probability and combinatorics - Theoretical & empirical probability distributions: Probability and combinatorics - Decisions with probability: Probability and combinatorics - Expected value


Session 15


Unit 9: Series

- Geometric series: Series

- Geometric series (with summation notation): Series

- The binomial theorem: Series

- Arithmetic series


Session 16


Unit 10: Limits and continuity

- Defining limits and using limit notation: Limits and continuity

- Estimating limit values from graphs: Limits and continuity

- Estimating limit values from tables: Limits and continuity

- Determining limits using algebraic properties of limits: limit properties: Limits and continuity

- Determining limits using algebraic properties of limits: direct substitution: Limits and continuity - Determining limits using algebraic manipulation: Limits and continuity - Selecting procedures for determining limits: Limits and continuity - Determining limits using the squeeze theorem: Limits and continuity - Exploring types of discontinuities: Limits and continuity - Defining continuity at a point: Limits and continuity - Confirming continuity over an interval: Limits and continuity - Removing discontinuities: Limits and continuity - Connecting infinite limits and vertical asymptotes: Limits and continuity - Connecting limits at infinity and horizontal asymptotes: Limits and continuity - Working with the intermediate value theorem

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