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Contest Physics Study Group

Next session on Dec 7, 2022

Hosted by Tony T

Series Details


Hello all, and welcome to the Contest Physics study group! Physics is hugely applicable to all areas of study: it involves an appreciation of the natural world and its beauty, and it promotes the skills of critical thinking alongside problems solving. In practicing contest physics, we gain newfound insight regarding the world around us and develop crucial abilities important to any domain of study.

The primary focus of this series will be the PhysicsBowl, which is the premier physics contest that is accessible to anyone around the world. Members of the series can expect preparation directed towards this contest through detailed discussion and explanation of real practice problems.

Cheers, and hope to see you in one of our sessions!

Tutor Qualifications

- Top 20 all-Canada in Canadian Association of Physics Prize Exam

- Top 20 International in uWaterloo's Sir Isaac Newton Contest

- Received 5/5 on all 4 AP Physics Topics


The series is aimed to prepare for the PhysicsBowl in its entirely. Please be aware that missing a session does mean that you will be missing important content that likely will not be covered again.


November 26 - January 4


14 / 20

Total Sessions


About the Tutor

Hello! I'm Tony, a Grade 12 student in Canada. I love creatively solving problems, whether they may be theoretical or applicable to the real world. I have a strong background in math up to multivariable differential calculus, all four AP Physics exams, and AoPS books. Furthermore, I am also fascinated by real world or competition math / physics, Python programming, and discrete maths such as topology or set theory. Feel free to start a chat with me if you have questions regarding any of the above! My sessions are typically chill and fun, and I hope to provide a space for both collaborative learning / problem solving and individualized support. My goal here at schoolhouse is to share a passion and fascination of math + science, and become a better communicator and leader. Cheers, nice to meet you, and hope you'll find my stuff interesting and helpful!

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Upcoming Sessions


Session 3


TOPIC: Circuits (1/2)

Learning Objectives:

- Circuit Diagrams

- Series and Parallel Laws

- Kirchhoff's Laws

- Internal resistance


Session 4


TOPIC: Fields and Potentials

Recommended Prerequisite: 1-var Differential Calculus

Learning Objectives:

- Definitions of Fields and Potentials

- Gauss' Law

- F/d and V/d diagrams


Session 5


TOPIC: Circuits (2/2)

Recommended Prerequisite: Fields and Potentials

Learning Objectives:

- What is the parallel plate capacitor

- Capacitance, charge/discharge, time constant

- RC Circuits


Session 6


TOPIC: Magnetism

Learning Objectives:

- Types of magnetic fields

- Magnitude and Direction of magnetic force

- Induced magnetic field in wires and solenoids


Session 7


TOPIC: Electromagnetic Induction

Recommended Prerequisite: Magnetism

Learning Objectives:

- Induced electromotive force

- Faraday's Law

- Lenz' Law

Public Discussion

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